Jerusalem artichokes – a great autumn and winter vegetable

Jerusalem artichokes are a vegetable that few people seem to know, and fewer grow. Once tasted – everyone wants more! Now is the time to harvest, or buy them in your veg. shop or supermarket. Today I want to encourage you to try this lovely veg. now and grow it next year. Jerusalem artichokes – not an artichoke… Read More »

Chewy Halloween monster cookies

These simple to make cookies are ideal for Halloween, made in a range of bright colours and decorated with sugar eyes. Use professional grade food pastes or gels if you can, that way you will need less. Modern food colourings do not alter the flavour or texture of a recipe too much, but the less… Read More »

Five things you can do in a day bed!

A day bed is comfortable and relaxing. Strangely, perhaps, it has a private air to it as it usually has sides and a back. Not quite a bed and not quite a sofa, the day bed family includes the chaise longue, the fainting couch and the cure chair. Day beds have been around for centuries… Read More »

It’s time to cut back tall summer-flowering shrubs

Hurricanes, tropical storms, autumnal gales and all the rest – wind is very much in the news at present. It’s a good idea to cut back tall summer-flowering shrubs so they don’t get damaged by the wind, but don’t go wild. Read on … Tidy up those vigorous shrubs Flowering shrubs (including shrub roses) have… Read More »

Enjoying and caring for late-flowering roses

Some roses flower well into October and beyond, either because they flower for much of the year or because they have a good second flush of blooms from late summer. It’s tempting at this time of year just to leave these late-flowering blooms, but a bit of attention will improve the plants’ health and vigour,… Read More »