Plan and plant a sensory bed or border in your garden

For a WOW factor in any garden, choose plants that give all your senses a treat and create a sensory bed or border. Read about how to plan for plants that offer a treat for all our senses and about our favourite plants for a sensory bed or border. Plan a year-round sensory bed or… Read More »

Plants that are good to eat and look at – ideas for your garden space

Today’s blog is all about making the most of your garden space with plants that are good to eat and look at. Gardeners used to be divided into those who grew plants to eat and those who grew plants to look at. Gardens were often divided into spaces for fruit, or veg or flowers. In… Read More »

Furniture trends are portable, luxury, intense and iridescent in spring 2018

Spring 2018 sees three big trends in furniture: portable and foldable furniture for the nomads of Generation Rent; understated luxury fabrics; intense, grown-up colour palettes with understated iridescence. Good design and portable, foldable, small More than twice the number of people are renting in 2018 than in 2001. And that, quite often, means having to… Read More »

Grow your own herbal tea garden for fresher and tastier brews

Herbs can make lovely tea with some great health benefits. Herbal tea from home-grown herbs smells so much fresher and tastes very much better than tea bags. It’s a great alternative to tea and coffee, especially if you’re looking to reduce your caffeine intake. Many suitable herbs are really easy to grow in the garden,… Read More »