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  1. Are you BBQ ready?

    Are you BBQ ready?

    So the Great British Summer is almost upon us, and with it comes long lazy days in the sunshine and lots of eating outdoors. Sometimes. Maybe. Weather permitting. With possibly the most changeable weather conditions on the planet, Britain and her relationship with said conditions is something of a worldwide joke. Well haha, very funny […]

  2. A Queen's Jubilee Garden Party

    A Queen's Jubilee Garden Party

    A Queen’s Jubilee Garden Party The Queen’s platinum jubilee is fast approaching, so it’s time to get your thinking caps on, so you can host the best garden party you could think of. So, that’s why we’re here to take you through all the must-haves for this year’s biggest event that’ll have all of the […]

  3. Mother's Day Gift Ideas For Garden Lovers

    Mother's Day Gift Ideas For Garden Lovers

    If you’re like me and have a super-picky Mum who doesn’t know what she wants but does know what she doesn’t want for Mothers Day (Yeah, you know the ones) then this Mothers Day Gift idea blog might be for you.  As Mothers Day comes around just before the sunny weather arrives, grabbing a gardening […]

  4. Space Saving Garden Furniture

    Space Saving Garden Furniture

    Do you own a city-centre apartment with a small balcony? Or how about a house that only has a small yard? Well, our collection of space-saving garden furniture will ensure you can find the right furniture to fit into your small space. PERFECT OUTDOOR FURNITURE SETS Our mission is to provide the country with stylish […]

  5. Moon Loungers - A Valentines Must-Have

    Moon Loungers - A Valentines Must-Have

    Struggling to think of a romantic way of spending your Valentine’s evening, without having to endure yet another set menu in your local restaurant? Well, why not spend it at home gazing at the stars on one of our moon (sun) loungers. This idea came to us during our summer photoshoot and we thought Valentine’s […]

  6. How to protect rattan garden furniture all year round

    How to protect rattan garden furniture all year round

    Now you’ve browsed our collection of outdoor furniture, you’ll want to ensure it lasts for as long as possible. So, the big question is, how do you protect rattan garden furniture all year round? From rainy days to snowy months, the UK weather will throw anything it can at our outdoor spaces, so it’s a […]

  7. Preparing Your Garden For Autumn

    Preparing Your Garden For Autumn

    As the summer season draws to a close your garden maintenance needs to step up a gear. Why? Because the preparation of your garden in the autumn will ensure you have a stunning garden come Spring. A lot of green-fingered beginners don’t tend to their gardens during the autumn/winter months as they deem it unnecessary, […]

  8. Getting Your Garden Party-Ready

    Getting Your Garden Party-Ready

    How to get your garden party-ready Add lighting to bring ambience BBQs are a must Find the perfect garden dining/sofa set Plant flowers or herbs to give your garden a brighter look You don’t have to be an expert to make some amazing changes to your outdoor space. And with a few simple tips, you […]

  9. Make your own outdoor movie night

    Make your own outdoor movie night

    How to make an outdoor movie night   Find the best location in your garden Buy a projector Create the perfect seating arrangement Decorate your garden Drinks and snacks are a must Pick your movie Ditch your usual movie night on the couch and watch your favourite blockbusters out in your back garden, with a […]

  10. How to create a summer music festival at home

    How to create a summer music festival at home

    In 2020 music festivals in the UK were cancelled, and in 2021 music festivals are slowly coming back. Plenty of festivals are sadly still cancelled, and the tickets you had for events might not be of any use. So, we thought we’d put together a plan for you to host your own music festival at […]

  11. Simple Garden Picnic Ideas

    Simple Garden Picnic Ideas

    Make the most of the summer holidays by creating your very own picnic in your garden. Nothing quite beats a good old-fashioned picnic, and doing it at home means you can do so on a budget You can use our budget picnic ideas yourself whether it’s for some family fun or a romantic date. Picnics […]

  12. Wind Proofing Your Garden

    Wind Proofing Your Garden

    A toppled over bin, an outdoor dining table upside down and a parasol shoved into the fence at the bottom of your garden. Does this sound like a regular occurrence in your back garden? If so, then your garden could do with some garden wind protection. For most of us, a windy night will give […]

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