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Buyers Guide To Rattan Furniture

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What is Rattan Furniture?

Rattan furniture is a naturally growing vine, which is then woven to create stunning pieces of furniture. Rattan furniture can be made from natural or synthetic weaves.

The weave we sell here at Rattan Direct is a synthetic weave, as this is much more durable for outdoor use.

Garden furniture is a long-term investment, so you’ll want to be able to use it for several years, and for it to last. This guide takes you through everything from what makes the best rattan furniture, to the different styles and sizes that we offer. If you already own our rattan furniture but want to keep it looking as good as new, then look through our clean and care guide, for tips and tricks.


Rattan garden furniture has become increasingly popular in recent years due to its long-lasting frame and weave. Our rattan products have all been designed to be durable. With an extensive range of products available, you’ll need to know what to look for when buying rattan furniture to ensure it’s the best.

So, what makes our Rattan Furniture the Best Rattan Garden Furniture in the UK: All of the critical aspects of creating the best rattan furniture are listed below. Our sets feature most if not all of the key features. Rattan furniture is a significant investment, so buying something that ticks all of these boxes ensures that your furniture will last.

Unlike other natural materials (such as wood), Rattan requires no oils, preservatives, paints or other treatments to stay healthy and attractive for years. We do recommend covering your rattan furniture with our shield covers, guaranteeing protection. If your rattan furniture ever does become dirty, spray off the dirt with a hose or wipe with a wet cloth and your furniture will be as good as new. For an in-depth look at Rattan, maintenance follow the Rattan clean and care guide.

    • 2. UV stabilised

If you are using your rattan furniture outdoors or in a conservatory, you’ll want to make sure it is resistant to UV radiation. This is especially important if it is synthetic Rattan, as un-stabilised plastics break down quickly in the sun. If your outdoor furniture is not UV protected it will begin to fade and eventually crack.

    • 3. Powder-coated frame

If you choose furniture with a steel frame, make sure the steel is powder-coated to increase its weather and rust resistance. If rust begins to develop on the structure of your set, it will start to deteriorate rapidly. Cover your collection with a shield cover to add extra protection.

    • 4. Tight Weave

Consider the tightness and overall quality of the furniture’s wicker weave. If the weave is not tight and stable, then it won’t be of good quality. Our sets are hand-woven by experts who create a long-lasting tight weave.

    • 5. Spectrum of colour

Make sure the entire piece is a uniform shade and tone, whether it is stained, painted or has a natural finish. It is also worth making sure the finish is uniform between all the different pieces in the set.


Rattan Direct has a massive collection of outdoor rattan furniture products. Everybody has different styles, and opinions on how they want their home to look. That’s why our in-house design team have created rattan furniture in a variety of looks.

Sofa sets - Rattan Garden sofa sets can fit up to four people on. Lightweight designs, and available in a variety of styles, colours and sizes. From two-seater to larger corner sets and everything else in between. These sets can become a focal point of your garden, so picking the one suited to you is vital.

Shop our sofa sets, today.

Dining Sets - Consider which styles and colours you think will suit the décor of your home. Dining al fresco during hot summer months means you’ll need to be protected from the sun. So, protect yourself from the heat with a cantilever or market parasol.

Cube Sets – Available in a variety of colours and sizes our cube sets will fit into a range of gardens. The cube sets have four chairs, and each has an accompanying footstool which can be used as extra seating, should you need it.

Our cube sets fold away neatly. The footstools will tuck underneath the chair and becomes a compact cube shape. When it’s not in use, you can then cover the set with a shield cover to keep it protected.

Shop Cube Sets

Rattan Corner sofas – corner sofas can make use of otherwise awkward spaces and work very well with square tables.You can buy a corner sofa for indoors or outdoors. Like all of our sets, they come in a range of colours and sizes, so they’ll be something to suit your needs.

Daybeds - Rattan Day Beds are an excellent place to lounge the day away, while you lie back in the sun. Rounded daybeds have a canopy attached, allowing you to pull it over and block out the hot sun. We also have corner sofas that double up as daybeds. The long ottoman sections create the perfect place to drift off to sleep.

Rattan Armchairs – Armchairs are always regarded as a comfortable, elegant piece of furniture suitable indoors and out. Armchairs are ideal if you want to add extra seating to a dining set.

Sun Loungers - Sun Loungers are a lovely way to stretch out comfortably while reading, sunbathing or enjoying a drink. Most of our sun loungers come in a pair. The daybed sets have a table in the middle, with storage. Some of the small daybed tables also come with a hole in the middle to allow you to add a garden parasol.

Shop here for the full Day Bed collection

Bistro and Balcony Sets – For small gardens or balconies these dining sets are ideal. The sets are all 2-seater and come with a small table. Allowing you to pop a drink on and relax.

Shop the full balcony and bistro set collection.

Accessories – Rattan Direct supply a range of accessories, all of which will enhance your rattan garden furniture.

      • Covers help keep your furniture clean and dry. We provide free shield covers with most of our outdoor sets, to ensure that your sets last, and we also sell premium covers for extra.
      • Storage boxes offer a simple solution to stow away any gardening items. We suggest storing our outdoor cushions inside, as they’re not suited to get wet. Storage Boxes are an ideal way to pack your furniture away for the winter. Ideal for storing chairs and smaller pieces of furniture to keep them in pristine condition.
      • Cushions are available too. Should it be a replacement cushion for your outdoor set, or a scatter cushion to add a splash of colour.
      • Keep warm during the late summer evening with a gas patio heater. With a selection to choose from you can stay warm in style. Patio heaters turn your outdoor space into a relaxing and tranquil one. Ideal for smaller gardens, or balconies allowing you to bring a touch of nature, to an otherwise human-made area.


What to look for when buying the best rattan furniture

Our outdoor furniture products are made from the best synthetic rattan weave. You want a garden furniture to last over a long period, so buying the best is key to ensuring it does. Expensive furniture doesn’t necessarily mean it’s better, and that’s why we provide our outdoor furniture at an affordable price. Our range of weaves include, grey, black and brown weaves. We also supply a premium truffle brown weave, which is a thicker and more durable weaves than our other weaves.

The rattan furniture that we stock is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. A lot of consideration is needed when you purchase your furniture. These tips will help you decide which style and size are the best for you.

Rattan Furniture for your garden

The size of your garden – make sure you have enough room to live with your new furniture comfortably. Measure the space you imagine putting the furniture carefully and compare that to the dimensions of the product, located on the product page.

Small Garden

If you own a small garden, you’ll need to purchase one of our smaller 2-seater, cube dining sets or any of a number of compact seating solutions that we offer. Our space saving dining sets are incredibly comfortable. Balcony Sets are another kind of furniture meant to optimise tiny spaces and fit very well in small patios or decks.

Storing garden furniture can be difficult. A shield cover will offer sufficient protection, and we also supply stackable dining chairs to make storage easy.

Patio Furniture

Patios are a great addition if you’re after a low maintenance outdoor space. Our furniture will be just that, too. With dimensions on the product page, measure your space and select the right furniture.

How to measure rattan furniture

      • 1. Measure the spaces where your furniture will be passing, such as doors, hallways or staircases.
      • 2. Measure the width, height and diagonal width, of the furniture.
      • 3. Ensure that there is space for you to move around the furniture. Remember that you need to be able to live with the furniture, so being able to move around it is vital.

What are you going to be doing in the garden?

Of course, what type of furniture is right for you depends mainly on what you’ll be doing in the space.

Relaxing – if you are using this part of your garden just for you and your family to relax, you’ll want sturdy, comfortable pieces that don’t stress form over function. Our sets have cushions attached, which are convenient to sit back or lie down on.

Entertaining – If however, you will be using your garden or deck to entertain guests, you’ll want something a bit sleeker and more stylish. Buy for comfort and quality, of course, but also consider carefully how the pieces will look, both as a set and as a part of your overall décor.

How to store rattan garden furniture

1. Firstly ensure that your furniture is clean, doing this protects your furniture as it will lose its quality if it is left covered in dirt. 

2. Cover the furniture with the protective covers which come free with our sets, or use a sheet of tarpaulin. 

3. If you have space put the furniture inside, whether that be your garage or shed to keep it out of the cold and wet weather. 

4. If you can, stack the chairs on top of each other this not only protects your chairs but also saves space. 

Rattan Furniture for your Conservatory

If you are buying rattan furniture for a conservatory, then comfort and style become higher priorities. Consider light, airy, stylish pieces for your conservatory to create a tranquil environment.

Modern conservatories are the perfect place to leave our wicker furniture. The indoor furniture collection from rattan direct is available in a range of styles and varying colour weaves.


One of the most important considerations when buying garden furniture is how long it will last. You can make the most of your investment by selecting a durable, weather-resistant material, and protecting it appropriately.

What is rattan furniture made of?

      • Rattan is made from climbing plants which were traditionally used to create a variety of furniture including baskets and shelters.
      • It’s durable and sturdy material means it’s perfect for weaving around a structured frame, allowing you to create a host of designs.
      • The technique of binding the furniture is the ‘wicker’ which is where the term ‘rattan wicker’ comes from which is the technique of binding rattan plants together to form a piece of furniture or structure.

What is PE rattan furniture?

‘Poly rattan’ can refer to several different synthetic rattan alternatives. It could be polyethene (PE), it could be polyurethane (PU), polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or nearly any other artificial polymer. In the end, the answer to ‘what is poly rattan furniture’ is simply ‘furniture made of artificial rattan wicker.’

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