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At Rattan Direct, we believe in the transformative power of outdoor spaces. Our commitment extends beyond furniture; it is about creating immersive experiences that resonate. We are excited about collaborating with businesses that share our passion for enhancing outdoor environments.

Strategic Partners

Our network of partners spans across various industries, representing leaders in their respective fields. This diverse collaboration allows us to tap into a wide range of expertise and resources, ensuring we deliver excellence in every aspect of our offerings.

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Pergola Suppliers

Teaming up with experts in Pergola craftsmanship, we elevate outdoor spaces to new heights of luxury. Our collaboration integrates our premium outdoor furniture within the exquisite designs of pergolas, redefining alfresco comfort and style

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Luxury Decking

Collaborating with experts in luxury decking, we seamlessly integrate our outdoor furniture into these designs, transforming decks into luxurious retreats. Our collaboration infuses our premium furniture into their innovative concepts, curating outdoor settings that redefine the essence of comfort and adventure

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Partnering with renowned landscapers, we merge the beauty of nature with our premium furniture, creating outdoor landscapes that are both breathtaking and functional.Together, we navigate and conquer unexplored realms, propelling our brands to unprecedented heights of success

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Luxury HouseBoats Pioneers

Partnering with leaders in luxury houseboats, we integrate our premium furniture into these aquatic marvels. Our collaboration brings comfort and elegance to open waters, redefining alfresco living on the waves

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Log Cabins Suppliers

Collaborating closely with log cabin specialists, we merge the charm of log cabin living with our outdoor furniture. Our collaboration transforms outdoor spaces into rustic retreats, uniting natural beauty with comfortable elegance

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Luxury Flooring Artisans

Working alongside experts in luxury flooring, we harmonise our furniture with exquisite flooring solutions. Together, we craft spaces that radiate opulence and sophistication, seamlessly blending functionality with aesthetics

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Luxury glamping & Camping

Teaming up with leaders in luxury glamping and camping, we elevate outdoor experiences beyond the ordinary. Together, we craft spaces that seamlessly blend opulence with the spirit of outdoor escapades, offering a luxurious haven amidst nature’s embrace

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Artificial Grass Suppliers

Collaborating with these suppliers allows us to harmonize our premium furniture with their high-quality artificial grass, sculpting outdoor environments that radiate natural beauty and provide year-round comfort

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Domes Suppliers

Our collaboration with dome suppliers brings to life outdoor spaces that redefine sophistication and allure. Together, we craft environments that exude an unmatched sense of luxury and innovation creating captivating outdoor sanctuaries that inspire awe and comfort

Why Partner with Us?

Elevating Outdoor Spaces Together: Join forces with us to redefine the very essence of outdoor elegance. We offer a meticulously curated collection of premium outdoor furniture that transcends the ordinary, setting the stage for stunning landscapes.

Tailored Solutions for Unique Visions: We understand that every project has its unique charm. Our team specialises in providing tailored solutions that align seamlessly with your vision, ensuring that every outdoor space speaks volumes about your creativity and expertise.

Value Beyond Furniture: Our partnership is about more than just products; it’s about delivering value to your customers. Together, we can enhance your customer satisfaction by offering exceptional outdoor spaces tailored to your clientele.

Co-Marketing Synergy: Benefit from joint marketing efforts, amplifying our collective impact and reaching a discerning audience seeking elevated outdoor experiences.Partnering with us not only amplifies our combined impact but also taps into new revenue streams by reaching a discerning audience seeking premium outdoor experiences.

Shared Success through CommissionsAs partners, both entities contribute to the synergy driving our success. The commission structure is meticulously crafted to ensure that each partner reaps tangible rewards for their role in the partnership.

Our Offering

Premium Collection

 Range of meticulously crafted outdoor furniture designed to elevate any setting

Collaboration Opportunities

 Combined strengths to create outdoor spaces that resonate with your brand’s identity

Co-Marketing Initiatives

Collaborative marketing efforts, expanding visibility and attracting a wider audience.

Market Expansion

Growth opportunities through access into new markets and reaching a new customer segments


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Let's Work Together

Are you ready to redefine outdoor luxury and enhance your clients’ outdoor experiences? Reach out to explore partnership opportunities and embark on a journey to create outdoor spaces that inspire and captivate.

Frequently Asked Questions

 At Rattan Direct, we pride ourselves on fostering collaborations with industry leaders to transform outdoor spaces into stunning havens. We’ve strategically partnered with top-tier professionals across various domains to curate exceptional outdoor experiences.

Partnering with us expands the horizons of businesses. Our collaborations offer exposure through joint marketing efforts and provide opportunities to showcase their expertise alongside our premium outdoor furniture. Together, we craft outdoor spaces that highlight the unique talents of our partners.

Partners stand to benefit financially through earned commissions on every successful referral or sale made through their efforts. This translates to a steady stream of passive income and the potential for substantial earnings based on performance.

We offer a competitive commission structure tailored to reward our partners based on performance. Commissions are calculated based on sales generated through referrals or collaborations.

Getting started is simple! Join our partnership program by signing up through our website. Upon approval, you’ll gain access to resources and tools to kickstart your journey towards financial success with us.

Absolutely! We welcome inquiries from businesses that share our passion for elevating outdoor experiences. If your expertise aligns with our vision and you’re committed to delivering exceptional quality and craftsmanship, we’d love to explore partnership possibilities with you.

We carefully select partners who exhibit excellence, craftsmanship, and a shared commitment to delivering premium experiences. Prior to forming collaborations, we assess their expertise, reputation, and dedication to ensuring customer satisfaction to guarantee the highest standards for our customers

By partnering with industry leaders, we ensure that our outdoor furniture seamlessly integrates into diverse outdoor environments. These collaborations allow us to provide holistic solutions that merge furniture with experts such as landscapers, decking specialists, and flooring artisans, resulting in outdoor spaces that are both stunning and functional.

Absolutely! Through our collaborations, customers can gain access to the expertise of our partners for their outdoor projects. We facilitate connections and consultations with our trusted partners to ensure that customers receive comprehensive solutions tailored to their needs.

Absolutely, we provide dedicated support, training resources, and marketing materials to empower partners in maximising their earnings potential. Our aim is to facilitate partner success and financial growth.

Getting started is simple! Join our partnership program by signing up through our website. Upon approval, you’ll gain access to resources and tools to kickstart your journey towards financial success with us.

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