Oh, our glorious gardens. They're nothing short of havens, I must say. There's something absolutely splendid about spending time amidst the blooms and greenery, especially when you're lounging on fantastic outdoor furniture. Picture this: a serene afternoon, birds chirping away, and you, comfortably sprawled on some charming garden chairs or a stylish rattan sofa, with a cuppa in hand. Bliss, isn't it? Now, I hear you, not everyone wishes to splurge their hard-earned pounds on outdoor furniture, and that's perfectly reasonable. That's why we've gone ahead and curated the list below, packed with marvelous options to help you find great outdoor furniture without emptying your coffers, hence a garden makeover on a budget. Because trust me, you don't need to be royalty to enjoy a princely experience in your own garden!

Decorating your garden for under £2000

Whether you're blessed with a sprawling estate or a cozy patch of earth, fear not, for there's something for everyone. Whether your taste is as classic as a cup of Earl Grey or as sleek as a London cab, you'll find the perfect furniture to suit your fancy. So, gather 'round and explore the garden centers and online treasures, because your garden makeover on a budget awaits, and you needn't spend a king's ransom to make it come true!

Small gardens

No matter if you've got a teensy-weensy garden or just a balcony, fret not, because there's a plethora of delightful options waiting for you to explore!

Swivel chairs

Ah, swivel chairs, the charmers of the garden furniture world! A sleek, stylish design that adds a touch of elegance to your outdoor haven. Not only do they look splendid, but they're also unbelievably comfortable with their dense, cozy cushions, inviting you to sink in and never leave. Now, here's the real gem - their compact size! Perfect for those of us with limited space, like a snug balcony or a petite patch of green.

They effortlessly spin and turn, giving you a full view of your lovely garden and the flexibility to join any delightful conversation around. And let me tell you, pairing a swivel chair with a lovely sofa set is an absolute stroke of genius! The combination creates an enchanting setup that'll have your friends queuing up to join you for afternoon tea or sun downers. It's like having a little slice of luxury right in your own British garden!

Vase sets

Let me introduce you to the marvellous world of vase rattan furniture sets! These beauties are the epitome of garden chic. What do they offer, you ask? Well, they've got it all! First and foremost, their compact size is a game-changer, hick cushions, so plush and comfy, you'll feel like you're floating on a cloud. These vase sets pack a real punch, not just in style but also in functionality.

Comes the Orlando vase set – it's an absolute stunner! What’s more, it comes in three glorious colours that'll brighten up your garden. Perfect for lovebirds who adore dining al fresco, it sets the stage for romantic candlelit dinners under the stars. And the small coffee table that tags along? Simply splendid for those refreshing drinks while you bask in the sun. Trust me, the Orlando vase set is pure garden enchantment, and it'll make your outdoor space a showstopper!

Egg chairs

Oh, you simply can't deny the magic of egg chairs! These marvellous marvels have taken the world by storm in the past couple of years, and for all the right reasons! They're strong, sturdy, and built to last, so you can plop down with ease and embrace a world of comfort. With their deep, sumptuous cushions, it's like sinking into a fluffy cloud of relaxation. And here's the kicker – some of them are hanging. So, you can sway and swing gently while you read your favourite book or simply drift away into a daydream. It's like having your personal reading nook, floating amidst the clouds.

A picture of an egg chair hanging in a garden: garden makeover on a budget

Bistro sets

Your next garden makeover on a budget item should be bistro sets. These gems are an absolute game-changer. They're like space-saving wizards, making the most of every inch without compromising on style. With just a table and a couple of charming chairs, they conjure up an intimate setting that's perfect for lazy brunches or romantic evenings under the stars. And let's not forget about their sense of style – they add a touch of elegance to any outdoor space. But wait, there's more! Bistro sets are as versatile as they come. They fit seamlessly into tiny balconies, compact patios, or even that tucked-away corner you've been wondering what to do with.

Large gardens

Now, don't you go thinking that a large garden means breaking the bank to deck it out with furniture! Oh, no. Even if you've got acres of green to call your own, there are plenty of fantastic options that won't leave your wallet crying for mercy. You'll be amazed at how easy it is to find the perfect pieces without draining your savings. Let’s discuss a few of those options.


There's nothing quite like the comfort of a good outdoor sofa to sink into after a long day! And you needn’t spend an arm and a leg to get one for yourself. Take the Ascot collection, for instance, it's a real gem! With super soft cushions that embrace you like a warm hug and beautifully woven rattan that adds a touch of elegance, this collection is the epitome of comfort and style without the hefty price tag. And that's not all – it comes with a coffee table and footstools, so you can kick back and put your feet up, enjoying those lazy afternoons to the fullest.


Dining outside is an experience like no other! Picture this: a warm summer evening, a gentle breeze caressing your skin, and the aroma of delicious food lingering in the air. The right dining set can make all the difference. For those big feasts, large dining tables and sets are just the ticket – plenty of space for everyone to come together and feast like kings. Feeling fancy? Opt for dining sets with reclining chairs, allowing you to lean back and soak in the sun while savouring your meal. And for those with limited space, sets with stackable chairs are heaven-sent, saving space when not in use. Oh, and let's not forget the sets with footstools – pure comfort for those long, leisurely meals that turn into hours of laughter and conversation.

A picture of a rattan dining set with reclining chairs: garden makeover on a budget

Corner sets

If you want to take your outdoor gatherings to the next level and still maintain your garden makeover on a budget, then corner sofas are the way to go, my friend. They're like the crown jewels of garden furniture, elevating the space and allowing you to entertain in absolute style. The best part? They come in all shapes and sizes! From large corner furniture and patio corner sofa sets to U-shaped and L-shaped sets, you'll find the perfect fit for your garden oasis like the Florida set below. So, whether it's a cozy get-together with friends or a grand garden party, these corner sofas are the ultimate centerpiece for unforgettable moments under the open sky.

Daybeds & sun loungers

The sheer bliss of sunbathing and relaxing in the great outdoors! And let me tell you, it's an experience like no other when you sink into those luxury cushioned seats, making the hours spent in the sun feel like a dream. But it's not just about the comfort, oh no! Sun loungers bring an extra dose of style and flair to your outdoor space, turning it into a chic paradise. The best part? They come in a stunning array of colours like grey, chocolate, truffle, and black, so you can pick the one that suits your taste to a tee.

A picture of a rattan sun bed set: garden makeover on a budget

Wrapping Up

To sum it all up, my dear friend, creating your perfect garden haven is a breeze, and you don't need to break the bank to do it! From marvellous swivel chairs to charming bistro sets, egg chairs for pure comfort, and dining sets for entertaining in style, there's something for every taste and space. And let's not forget the elegance and luxury of corner sofas and sun loungers, making lounging and entertaining outdoors an absolute delight. Also, don’t forget that most of these pieces can go really well together to make great sets. So, whether your garden is grand or petite, remember that the options are vast, and you can makeover your garden on a budget. So, go forth and deck out your outdoor space with furniture that's both stylish and affordable, and let your garden become a sanctuary of joy and relaxation. Happy decorating!