As Rattan Direct, we emerged with a simple yet powerful goal: to bring the allure of beautiful outdoor living to everyone's doorstep. Rooted in the heart of British sensibilities, we envisioned a realm where style, comfort, quality, and price could coexist harmoniously. This enchanting blend is what makes us truly splendid. Our journey has been woven with a passion for crafting outdoor sanctuaries that whisper stories of relaxation and joy. It's no surprise that outdoor furniture is at the heart of our identity, driving us to tirelessly fashion exquisite pieces adorned with remarkable features.

So, hold onto your teacups, because we're about to dive into the splendid world of features that make our products shine like a perfectly polished crown jewel!


We've mastered the art of crafting outdoor furniture from delightfully lightweight materials. No need for a stiff upper lip here – moving your furniture around is as effortless as a well-timed "cheerio." Say goodbye to sweat-inducing struggles and hello to breezy manoeuvring!

A picture of a man lifting a couch with a woman seated on the opposite side: outdoor furniture features

Easy Clean

Keeping your outdoor furniture treasures looking tip-top is a piece of cake! A bit of dusting and a splash of warm water mixed with gentle soap, and your rattan's ready to shine. And if your furniture flaunts easy-clean glass, wiping away dirt and the occasional tea spill is a breeze – no fuss, no muss! Cleaning made as effortless as a stroll in the garden.

Superior Foam Cushions

Oh, brace yourself for cushioned bliss like no other! Our furniture comes dressed in cushions that are pure luxury. Picture this: sinking into premium cushioned foam, like being enveloped in a cloud of comfort. It's the kind of relaxation that makes you forget time altogether – just kick back, sink in, and let the unwinding begin!

Tempered Glass

Here's the scoop, old chap: we're all about giving you peace of mind while you're having a jolly good time with your mates. That's why our tabletops come with the posh addition of protective tempered glass. It's like giving your rattan a royal guard – ensuring it stays spiffy for the long run and making those accidental spills a breeze to clean up.

A picture of some food and wine glasses on a rattan coffee table: outdoor furniture features

All-weather Protection

Ah, the ever-changing British weather, a real master of surprises, isn't it? But fear not for we're no strangers to this merry weather dance. That's why we've got your back with outdoor furniture crafted to withstand even the quirkiest weather whims. Our secret weapon? The mighty PE rattan weave – it's as weatherproof as a well-worn raincoat, ensuring your furniture stays dapper come rain or shine.

Outdoor Cover

Because we're all about making life as breezy as a Sunday afternoon, we've gone the extra mile. We've whipped up nifty outdoor covers for your furniture. Think of them as your furniture's very own raincoat – they keep the raindrops at bay and the mould far, far away from that snazzy rattan weave. So, whether you're using your furniture or giving it a well-deserved rest, you can kick back and relax, knowing it's all covered. Literally.

Fire Pit

Our tables come with a dash of enchantment – some boast a firepit right at the heart. Think of it as a table with a little extra magic, complete with a heat-resistant lining and a nifty lid, keeping things functional and fabulous. Imagine dining by the dancing flames, the warm glow creating an atmosphere that's as snug as a well-loved blanket. A table that's not just a table, but a memory-maker in the making!

Adjustable Table

Our splendid rattan tables have another enchanting trick up their sleeves! They're height changers, darlings. A little twist here, a lift there, and voilà! Your table is now your partner in versatility. Fancy a cozy coffee klatch? Done. Craving a grand dining affair? Easy peasy. Need a spot to tackle that paperwork? Consider it sorted.

A picture of someone's foot stepping on a pedal: outdoor furniture features

Lazy Susan

Ever found yourself pining for that pickle on the far side of the table, but a full-scale expedition is needed to retrieve it? Fear not, for we've got a gem called the lazy susan gracing our dining sets. It's like having your very own butler– just a spin away from that elusive pickle. Not only does it save you from summoning a fellow diner, but it's also a stunner, a true table adornment. So, pass the ketchup or snag that chutney with a spin, all while adding a touch of practical elegance to your gathering.

Drinks Cooler

It’s a blazing British summer day, you're lounging on your posh outdoor furniture like royalty. And you realize your table's not just a table; it's a drink wizard! Cold beverages, neatly chilled in a hidden drinks cooler right under your nose. No more epic treks indoors, no sir. It's like your table's got a secret party trick, all part of its suave design. Cheers to that! A swanky and seamless way to keep your drinks cool while you bask in that precious dose of British sunshine.

A picture of wine glasses and some wine in ice in a rattan dining table's drinks cooler: outdoor furniture features


At Rattan Direct, we're all about making you feel like the lord or lady of your own castle, and that means ultimate comfort is our royal decree. Take our Fiji dining sets and chairs, for instance – they're not just any old seats. Oh no, they're your companions for the comfiest lounging sessions known to mankind. The seat back? Oh, it's a reclining maestro, ready to serenade you with different angles of lounging nirvana. Fancy a slight recline for a casual chat or a full-on slouch for serious relaxation? Consider it done. Your comfort, your way.

Aluminium Anti-Rust Frame

A bit of British engineering brilliance for you – our outdoor furniture boasts frames made from trusty aluminium. Lightweight as a feather but tough as old boots, these frames are the real deal. They're like the backbone of your outdoor oasis, keeping everything sturdy and resilient for the long haul. And just to show rust who's boss, we've gone and powder-coated those frames, making them as anti-rust as a knight in shining armour. So, whether it's a sudden rain shower or a bit of drizzle, your furniture stands strong, ready to weather the elements while you sit back and relax.

Made by us Designed by you

One thing about us, we truly believe in your creative prowess. That's why we've conjured up modular furniture that's as versatile as your imagination. Picture this: a puzzle of possibilities where you're the mastermind. Fancy a cozy corner setup or a sprawling lounge haven? You're in charge! Mix and match, add a piece here, subtract there – it's your canvas, and we're here to make your vision a reality. Feeling especially artsy? Just give us a jingle, and we'll craft a bespoke set just for you.

A picture of two couples lounging on rattan furniture in the garden: outdoor furniture features


Life's a whirlwind sometimes. That's why we're here to make things smoother for you. For those who'd rather skip the DIY adventure, we've got your back with furniture sets that waltz right in fully assembled. No Allen wrench acrobatics or head-scratching instructions – just unwrapping and lounging. Your time is precious, and we're all about serving up convenience with a dash of British flair.

There You Have It!

A merry jaunt through our Rattan Direct world, where outdoor furniture dreams come to life. From the practical magic of adjustable seats to the royal treatment of drinks coolers, we've woven comfort, style, and a bit of British ingenuity into every stitch of our designs. Whether you're battling the unpredictable British weather or simply seeking a comfy corner to bask in the sun, our furniture stands ready, like a loyal companion, to make every moment splendid. So, go on, raise your cuppa to lazy Susans, reclining wonders, and tables with secret talents – because life's too short for anything less than the finest in outdoor relaxation. Cheers to your comfort, your style, and your very own slice of British paradise!