If you're thinking of sprucing up your outdoor space, now is the perfect time to start considering the latest garden furniture trends for 2023. Spending time in your garden can be an incredibly enjoyable experience. Whether you're looking to relax, entertain friends and family, or simply enjoy the beauty of nature. Outdoor furniture is a great way to enhance your garden and create a cozy, inviting atmosphere, regardless of its size. Luckily, the options are endless! From traditional wooden pieces to sleek metal designs and modern rattan armchairs, you're sure to find something that suits your style. So, if you're ready to transform your garden, let's dive into some of the top garden furniture trends for this year!

Bringing the indoors, outdoors 

Garden furniture trends have certainly been leaning towards the indoor-outdoor look in recent years. Homeowners and outdoor design enthusiasts are modernizing their outdoor spaces with sleek and stylish furniture. Pieces that can be taken right from indoors. Furniture like outdoor sectionals, ottomans, chaises and tables offer all the comfort you need for outdoor living – but with a distinctly modern edge. The outdoor furnishings we use don't need to put formality before function anymore. It's possible to enjoy relaxed outdoor seating with a touch of style.

A picture of a rope weave dining set: garden furniture trends

Blending in with nature

Nature-inspired garden furniture is becoming increasingly popular. These include garden tables and chairs that look like they are made of wood found in nature. Also, garden benches made from recycled tree trunks. Another option is natural coloured rattan. Its weave is delicate and subdued, allowing it to blend into nature while still making a statement in any outdoor space. Rattan furniture pieces with earthy, natural-coloured weaves create an inviting atmosphere in any al fresco lounge area or dining area. As such, it's now easy to bring the beauty and energy of nature into your garden oasis. This trend adds an extra level of relaxation and enjoyment for anyone looking to take their outdoor living space up a notch.

A picture of a corner dining set in a natural colour: garden furniture trends

Incorporating metals

Outdoor furniture is getting a luxe overhaul with more focus on incorporating metals such as copper and aluminium in outdoor pieces. Copper is often used to create modern, stylish designs while aluminium brings a unique look that is classic, yet eye-catching. Not only do these metals look great in any outdoor space, they are also incredibly durable. This means these garden furniture pieces will last for many seasons to come. Plus, metal garden furniture is incredibly versatile. From traditional chairs and tables to stylish fire pits, fountains, and raised planters. There’s an option to suit every style of outdoor area.

A picture of an aluminium and teak 2 seater sofa: garden furniture trends

Eco-friendly furniture

Sustainable garden furniture is one of the most popular decorating trends as people strive to make conscious efforts to reduce their environmental impact. Consumers are now more aware that sustainable sourcing can really help to preserve natural resources. So, it’s no surprise that teak, rattan, and aluminium garden furniture is in greater demand than ever. Whether you are looking for outdoor dining sets, benches, or chairs; these materials offer exceptional resilience against time and the elements. This makes them an excellent choice for sustainable furnishing that won't need replacing anytime soon.

A picture of an aluminium and fabric 3 seater sofa: garden furniture trends

Mixing materials

Another trend this year is all about mixing and matching different materials for a unique aesthetic. Designers are combining colourful cushions with wicker frames or mixing stone, wood, and resin to create stylized outdoor seating areas. For example, wrought iron and wood have become increasingly popular, often paired with rattan for cushioning or mesh for breathability. Blending diverse textures and tones allows homeowners like you to create personalized outdoor retreats that go beyond the traditional patio furniture pieces. A combination of multiple materials also offers an exciting new way to introduce texture, shape, and colour into an outdoor space. This then gives designers the perfect canvas to express their creative ideas. 

A picture of an aluminium and teak firepit table

Modular furniture designs

Modular furniture is one of the new garden furniture trends for outdoor living, and for good reason! This furniture is designed with sections that can be rearranged, allowing you to create a layout that works best for the space you have. The beauty of modular furniture lies in its versatility. You can transform your garden over time based on your needs while maintaining a cohesive design throughout. Additionally, because different elements can be added or removed from a larger collection, modular garden furniture can become cost-effective over time. Also, because modular furniture comes part-by-part it doesn’t require as much strength or manoeuvrability to move or install, making setup significantly easier!

A picture of a rattan corner day bed sofa set: garden furniture trends

Weatherproof furniture

With unpredictable weather increasingly becoming the norm in the UK, weatherproof garden furniture is becoming a very influential factor amongst homeowners when buying outdoor furniture. Available in an array of materials, weatherproof furniture has become a preferable option for anyone who is looking for items that can withstand weather extremities without much maintenance. All these materials ensure that no matter the season, your furniture remains in perfect condition.

A picture of a rattan dining set being rained on: garden furniture trends

Cozy furniture

One of the biggest garden furniture trends that has gained popularity is creating cosy outdoor corners. You can do this with garden bar sets, day beds and egg chairs. Not only do these pieces of furniture enable you to relax, but they also make it easy to host outdoor gatherings with friends and family. Bar sets provide ultimate conversation spaces while day beds are perfect for lounging and even taking naps in the sun. Egg chairs come in all designs, colours, and shapes. They definitely make a statement piece that can complete any garden look. Whether you're looking for a set to curl up on your own or one perfect for hosting intimate dinner parties outside while enjoying the beautiful summer nights, there is something out there that suits your style preference.

A picture of a rattan day bed with a dog on the bench

Rounded corners & curved lines

Garden furniture with rounded corners and curved lines is gaining momentum due to the increased interest in modern design. These stylish pieces create inviting outdoor living spaces and modernise older designs. The graceful curves help to draw attention to your furniture, while blending seamlessly into any garden decor. Rounded corners are also safer than sharp edges, making them ideal for families with young children. This furniture creates a timeless aesthetic that you can be sure won’t go out of style anytime soon.  

A picture of a rattan seat's armrest: garden furniture trends

Colour & Pattern

In 2023, we’re moving away from plain natural shades to colourful and fun patterns. Many garden furniture companies like Rattan Direct now offer colours and prints that can be used to spruce up any outdoor area. Whether it's a colourful bench, an eye-catching chair or some equally colourful cushions to go along with it. These pieces add vibrancy and pattern to your outdoor space, and allow you to express your creative personality through your decor.

A picture of colourful cushions in a picnic setup

Make the most of your garden!

There are so many things you could do in your garden. You could have a picnic, read a book, stargaze, sunbathe, and play games like I Spy. No matter what you choose to do, remember that your garden furniture will have a significant impact in your experience. So, make sure to do your research and incorporate these garden furniture trends as you make your decision. Actually, at Rattan Direct, we’ve incorporated these trends in our various ranges so feel free to browse. You won’t be disappointed!