7 Things to do in your garden during the lockdown

With large parts of the world now in lockdown, and with the outdoors only allowed to be explored when absolutely necessary, there is no better time to make the most of your outdoor space. Spending time outdoors does improve both your physical and mental well-being. This article from mind shows the improvements that can be made to your mental health when you spend time outdoors.

It’s widely accepted that our mental health can be improved with time spent outdoors, so ensure that you spend enough time in your garden, as a fresh of breath air can do you the world of good.

However, sitting down outdoors is the least you can do in your outdoor space, why not take the time to improve your garden, so you can have a space to relax. It really doesn’t matter if you’ve got acres of land or a yard you can add colour and flowers with ease, no matter how big or small your garden is.

These tips and tricks on how to pass the time, improve your garden and most importantly, improve your mental health will hopefully allow you to spend time in your garden without breaking the rules.

Plant flowers

This one might be a little obvious, so do forgive us if you’ve already thought of doing this first tip. Simply plant some colourful flowers, although this might seem very basic planting flowers can really give you a structure to your day. Wake up every morning and water your plants not only is this the best time to water your flowers, but it also means you’ve achieved a task with next-to-no effort.

You can have plants whether your garden is big or small, you might just have to be a little creative. If your garden lacks space, then make a hanging basket by following the instructions here. Hang baskets off your balcony or on the world in your yard adding colour to your garden.

Grow your favourite vegetables

You don’t just have to do the obvious and plant flowers, you can spend your time outdoors by planting and growing your own vegetables, a great way of saving money and it’s a long term project that you can get your teeth stuck into (literally!).

Find a small space outdoors and plant anything from potatoes to carrots, vegetables are super-easy to grow and can even save you some pennies, once they’re ready to be eaten. You’ll be able to find seeds in a supermarket, so when you’re buying those necessities grab yourself a few seeds, follow the instructions on the packet and grow your own veg at home.

Growing your own veg can also be an educational tool for your children. Getting your kids outdoors is really important and showing them where their food comes from is a great way of spending time outdoors, with your little ones. And who knows, you might have some green-fingered little helpers to transform the look of your garden.

Add bird feeders

Bring the birds to your garden and watch them enjoy bird feeder that you’ve planted and made yourself.

Making fat balls for birds is really easy, take a look at our birdwatch weekend blog which takes you through the stages of creating your fat bird feeder at home. And the best thing is you’ll definitely have all of the right ingredients at home, so you won’t even need to leave your house.

Stay fit

With all this spare time, you can workout outdoors, fresh air and exercise will surely give keep your mind healthy.

You can do any kind of exercise outdoors whether it’s an intense workout or a yoga session, you could even get all the family involved, being fit and healthy is a great way of bettering yourself through the current UK lockdown.

Dine al fresco

Eat outdoors, if you’ve got the space to do so then eat your breakfast and sip on a coffee before you begin another day of working from home. Have your evening meals outdoors too, cook a feast or treat yourself to a barbeque and snack outdoors in a setting you love.

Colour Flagstones

If your garden has next-to-no space then you why don’t you get your children to bring it to life, by colouring in flagstones with chalk, and don’t worry if it ends up being a disaster, they wash away with ease. Not only will this brighten up your space but it’s a fun activity for you and your children to do together as well as giving you some fresh air.


We think the best thing you can do outdoors, however, is relaxing. As we’re limited to our time spent outdoors why don’t you sit back and relax and do nothing? With summer just around the corner, why don’t you grab yourself a new piece of outdoor furniture to relax on, making your garden comfier than ever!

With these 7 helpful tips on what to do outdoor during the lockdown, you’ll be able to improve both your mental and physical well-being, educate yourself and your children, all without breaking the bank.