Rattan furniture really is very versatile and might suit any location you have in mind. Yes, it’s great in the garden and in the conservatory but it’s also perfectly at home in other places too. It’s good in the bathroom, the kitchen and at work, for example. In fact, wherever you need furniture it’s well worthwhile considering rattan. That’s because it’s likely to fit in and look good, and it won’t break the bank.

Location: the bathroom

Yes, bathrooms need furniture too! And it has to be able to cope with the high humidity created by baths and showers. Luckily, that’s not a problem for synthetic rattan furniture. Our individual chairs shrug off moisture and are just right to sit on when it’s time to dry your toes.


Location: the kitchen

We spend more time in the kitchen than we sometimes realise. Waiting for something to boil, stirring pans, washing vegetables … With a rattan sofa or comfortable chair in the kitchen you can take the weight off your feet for a moment, or someone else can relax and chat to you whilst you whip up something delicious.


Location: work

Whether you’re setting up a new office or revamping your old one, rattan furniture is a good option. It works well in the reception area as well as in the office itself.

With a bowl of fruit on the coffee table, modular rattan sofas are a good choice for those informal meetings we all have from time to time. When everyone is sitting comfortably, it’s surprising how very creative and positive people can be.

home office. location

Other office or work occasions demand a table and chairs. That’s not a problem. Our large and small tables are available in different styles so there should be something to meet your needs.

And we all know that we’re not quite in the age of the paperless office yet. Rattan storage racks are an ideal solution to the problem of keeping paperwork under control and out of sight.

Consider rattan wherever you need furniture because it will fit in and look good. And it won’t break the bank.