Garden gate Security

IPads, smart TVs and hi-tech kitchenware are just some of the items that could catch the eye of thieves and criminals, so we take extra care to ensure that our home is locked up tight overnight to protect ourselves and our valuable from harm.

It’s a different matter once you go beyond the front door though.

Did you know that over a quarter of Brits don’t close their garden gates or backyard doors properly? We asked 2,000 UK adults all about their garden security, or lack of, and uncovered some surprising results.

Many people, including 23% of Welsh residents, claim they do not have any items in their garden worth securing. A whopping 80% of those surveyed admitted to leaving some items in their garden, with garden furniture, gardening tools, bikes and kids outdoor toys being among the most popular items people leave outside.

Only 7% of people said they keep all of their garden items inside overnight.

If you don’t have room to store your garden furniture inside overnight, why not try using furniture covers instead? These are perfect for not only protecting your outdoor furniture from the weather, but also from prying eyes.

How do you feel about a stranger being in your garden?

But it’s not just about whether or not you feel your garden items are worth stealing. The cost of replacing your possessions can be more expensive than you might think - it’s not just theft you have to worry about, many times deliberate and costly damage to property can also occur.

Investing in a padlock isn’t just for the safety of our garden items, it’s for our safety and that of our families too. A garden gate that’s left unlocked at night creates questions concerning the security of the rest of the property, and no-one wants their property to be targeted by thieves.

Replacing stolen items can be very expensive, even if they hold very little value in the first place.

TOP TIP: If you tend to forget to lock your back garden, why not set a recurring alarm on your phone to remind you every evening? For extra peace of mind, you could attach a fake CCTV camera to your house to ward off potential thieves.

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