Summer is nearly upon us and for many this means spending as much time in the garden as possible.

We understand that like the home, the garden has to be a safe place to be for us and our children. But what about our beloved pooches? Are there dangers lurking in your garden that could cause Fido some unwanted problems?

Spotting Danger

There are many things in the garden that could cause a problem to your dog:

PLANTS – some plants are irritants to dogs, causing them everything from a nasty, itchy rash to vomiting. Who would have thought that the daffodil (mainly its bulbs) could cause Fido to retch and vomit should they be eaten?

There are a small group of plants that are deadly – and not just to dogs. The tall, colourful stems of delphiniums can be deadly if ingested by your beloved pooch. Cats and horses can also be harmed by eating some of these plants too.

SUBSTANCES – garden over-run with slugs? Slimy creatures that can devour an allotment overnight, many gardeners turn to reliable slug pellets to be rid of them. But this substance, along with many others, can be deadly to our pets should they ingest them.

Making your Garden Safer

Your dog will no doubt enjoy the summer in the garden too and there are many ways you can ensure they are safe.

From pooch friendly design to planting, to creating shady areas, take a look at how you can create doggy heaven in your garden. You can use our garden parasols to create shaded areas

Is Your Garden Dog Friendly?