Yes, get the springtime look with rattan furniture! We’re actually a little ahead of the springtime game here. You could say we are stealing a march on March! It’s all good, anyway, because thinking ahead and taking action will mean you and your furniture will be in position for spring when it gets here in just a few short weeks.

Springtime is a state of mind

I personally think that springtime is a state of mind. When the birds start to sing in the mornings and there is colour in the garden, then people start to say ‘It’s almost like spring’. They start to say ‘Spring will soon be here’ when the weather is mild and the evenings are starting to draw out. And, of course, springtime is a time for love. We all know this and so did Shakespeare. This is the chorus from It was a lover and his lass in As You Like It:

In springtime, the only pretty ring time,

When birds do sing, hey ding a ding, ding;

Sweet lovers love the spring.



Springtime by Claude Monet, 1872. Walters Art Museum, Baltimore. Public domain.

Spring – meteorologically and astronomically

Meteorologically speaking, springtime is March, April and May.

Astronomically speaking, British springtime in 2018 runs from the vernal equinox at 16:15 on 20 March to just before the summer solstice at 10:07 on 21 June. Have a look at the Sun Time app on this page to check just how close we are to the equinox.

spring colour. springtime

Winter flowering jasmine heralds spring, even in winter.

Tempting temperatures

It can be warm in springtime, especially in a protected nook. Be tempted out onto the balcony, terrace or deck, or into that sheltered corner of the garden. Don’t loiter about! Pull a chair up to the table and enjoy a cup of coffee or a glass of wine! And if you don’t have a table and chair yet, now is the time to choose. As I said, we're ahead of the game. Look for something natural and something that fits in. There will be something for you here.

If mad March winds and April showers strike, and we know that they always do, then retreat inside and admire the great outdoors from some comfortable conservatory furniture. The weather will blow over and you’ll soon be outside again.

What colours are right for springtime?

Out with the dark jewel colours of winter and in with greens, lilacs and pinks, creams and yellows! Change the cushions and it's done.

Out with heavy, draught-defying fabrics and in with lighter materials! You’ll still need a light or fleecy throw from time to time, though.

Magnolia blossom Stephen McKay magnolias in flower. protect. springtime

Magnolia blossom, Warwickshire (Stephen McKay) / CC BY-SA 2.0

Spring is on its way! Be ready to meet it with just the right indoor and outdoor furniture.