A cantilever parasol is fantastic for providing shelter from the sun (or even the rain) when you’re outside enjoying the fresh air. A parasol is one of the things that contribute to comfortable, long, leisurely lunches or extended work meetings.

Rotating cantilever garden parasol. garden cube. cantilever parasol

Rotating cantilever garden parasol

Over time, though, parasols do get dirty and they can get mildew if they are stored wrongly. Make sure you give your parasol a clean from time to time, and definitely before you put it away for the winter. Get out the hose and this can be fun on a sunny day.

Just a couple of warnings before we start.


Don’t even think about putting the shade in the washing machine.


In fact, don’t even think about removing the shade from the parasol.

You will need

  • Bright and sunny day
  • Soft bristle brush
  • Bucket of warm, soapy water
  • Distilled white vinegar
  • Soft cloth or sponge
  • Hose

How to clean a cantilever parasol

  1. It’s too big to immerse the whole thing in warm, soapy water so we’re going to clean it in situ.
  2. First of all, use the soft bristle brush to remove any bits of dirt and dust.
  3. Fill a bucket with warm water and a couple of squirts of washing up liquid. Is there mildew on the shade? Add 500ml of distilled white vinegar to the water.
  4. Using the soft cloth or sponge, wipe the parasol gently with warm soapy water. For mildew, scrub gently with the soft bristle brush until it’s all gone.
  5. Make sure you wipe the struts, the pole and the base.
  6. Rinse with the garden hose or more bucketfuls of clean water.
  7. Leave the parasol open in bright sunshine to dry completely.

Storing your cantilever parasol(s)

Store your parasol in a dry place where plenty of air circulates. Make sure it’s completely dry when you put it away. Storing it when it’s damp or in a damp place will encourage mould and mildew to grow.

Professional cleaning

If the worst comes to the worst, you could always investigate getting your parasol shade cleaned by a professional company. Yes, they do exist!