Now you've browsed our collection of outdoor furniture, you'll want to ensure it lasts for as long as possible. So, the big question is, how do you protect rattan garden furniture all year round? From rainy days to snowy months, the UK weather will throw anything it can at our outdoor spaces, so it's a good idea to ensure you have outdoor furniture that will be protected from the elements. With this blog you'll find lots of tips on tricks for all of the specific seasons, so you can enjoy your furniture summer after summer.


With orange and brown coloured leaves falling from our trees, Autumn can be a month that can still be enjoyed outdoors, even if the summer months have slowly disappeared. Your garden furniture will mostly be safe in the Autumn months, so as long as you wipe off any fallen leaves, your furniture will stay in good condition. Autumn is a funny month that certainly splits our office in two, some of us love the cold air, especially in the morning, and well others, not so much. However, if the cold winds of Autumn aren't for you, it might be best to pack up your furniture or cover it up until the months become that little bit warmer.

Protect garden furniture in winter

Rattan garden furniture is best stored inside during the winter. First of all, wash it with soapy water, like you’ve been doing throughout the summer and allow it to dry thoroughly. Then, pop on the covers to keep it protected.

Store the furniture somewhere warm and dry, like a garage or spare room, away from any dampness or frost. This will avoid the growth of mould and mildew which are difficult to get rid of and can be damaging. The covers protect from dust and dirt, but ventilate the furniture from time to time by taking them off. If you can, take the covers off and put the furniture in direct sunlight. This is another way of preventing mould and mildew.


Spring can be very variable and very few of us are strangers to March winds and April showers. Whether you want to sit outside in these months probably depends on whether you’ve got a little sun-trap or a sheltered garden. As April nears to an end and May is within touching distance it's wise to bring out your furniture, as you never know when a summer's days will drop.

Summer in the garden

In most people’s books, summer should be the season of wall-to-wall enjoyment of the garden and garden furniture. Unfortunately and disappointingly, this is not always the case and the weather can sometimes be quite dire (after all this is the UK). If poor weather sets in for a long time, you might want to consider taking the furniture back inside or, utilise the free outdoor covers which come with our sets to keep it protected during heavy downpours.

Protect and look after your rattan garden furniture and it should last you a long, long time.