Here are five fantastic ideas for a present which might suit your father on Father’s Day. It’s on 18th June 2017 so you’ve got a couple of weeks to sort it out.

A spade is a spade on Father’s Day

A good spade makes all the difference in the garden, whether you’re just starting out or whether you’re an experienced gardener. Everyone should have at least one. Has your dad got one?

A spade is for:

Gloves or gauntlets

If you’re any sort of gardener you wrestle with vegetation, and it pushes back. Wear gloves or gauntlets, depending on the job. Safety goggles too. Personal protective equipment – PPE – you know it makes sense for your dad.

garden care. Father's Day

Choose the right gardening gloves for you. Sarah Buchanan

Secateurs and holster

Secateurs and a holster would be a good present except it’s essential that secateurs feel comfortable in their owner’s hand. If you can take your father to try some out it could be the answer.

Bypass, anvil, rolling handle or ratchet secateurs? Read up first. More on choosing here in this video with Alan Titchmarsh.

Felco secateurs are used by many professionals. They last for years and parts can be replaced. Whatever your hand size or pruning requirements, there is probably a pair to suit you. Felco No. 2 is the original pair. Felco Classic No. 8 is an ergonomic and slightly larger version.

A pruning saw

Secateurs are good but they can’t cope with thicker branches. You need a pruning saw for that.

Technical detail: a pruning saw cuts on the pull stroke.

Garden jobs. Father's Day

Tools to prune rambling roses. Sarah Buchanan.

Chilli plants

It would be very cool for your dad to grow his own. (Note: it’s not at all difficult.) Buy one or more plants from a garden centre or a supermarket. Your father can grow them on in pots or in a growbag.

Jalapeno chilli. Father's Day

Jalapeno chilli. © graibeard and reused under

Extra idea: liquid seaweed feed

Liquid seaweed feed will put hairs on the chests of your dad's plants. It’s a slow-release organic fertiliser.


Like I said, you know your dad best. Good luck in finding him the right present for Father's Day!