A Queen’s Jubilee Garden Party

The Queen's platinum jubilee is fast approaching, so it's time to get your thinking caps on, so you can host the best garden party you could think of. So, that's why we’re here to take you through all the must-haves for this year's biggest event that’ll have all of the nation celebrating. With loads of tips and tricks, we bring you the ultimate guide to hosting the ultimate Queen's Platinum Jubilee garden party. 

What is The Queen's Jubilee?

If you’re not sure what the Queen's jubilee is, it's a celebration of the Queen who will become the first British Monarch to celebrate a Platinum Jubilee for 70 years of service. The celebrations will take place from the 2nd to 5th June with lots of events for you to get involved in, in London and the rest of the UK.

How people are celebrating the jubilee

There are loads of ways for you to get involved in celebrating this one-off event. But you can also make your very own event in your home, garden or on your street with your neighbours. 

Street parties

These are going to be huge when the Queens Jubilee party eventually begins, as it's a great way of celebrating with your community. You can host a party yourself and get your street involved, or how about looking here at the Queens Jubilee Map to find your nearest party. We’ve taken a look at our local area and there is lots going on. From cookery workshops to family fun days and lots more. So, they’ll definitely be an event that’s accessible for you. 

Parties in the garden or at home

If a street event isn’t for you, then that doesn’t mean you’ll miss out on all the fun, in fact, we’re here to give you the best garden party tips, so you can celebrate with your closest friends and family. Serve Royal themed drinks and snacks, play games, and music and most importantly have some fun - you deserve it! We’ve compiled a huge list below, so scroll down a little further for some fun ideas.

Key Dates to look out for:

4th June - Trooping the Colour parade

The parade will see more than 1,400 parading soldiers, 200 horses and 400 musicians come together to mark The Queen’s official birthday. The parade will march down The Mall to Horse Guards Parade where members of the Royal Family will join them in carriages or on horseback. 

3rd June - A thanksgiving service for The Queen

A service from St Pauls's Cathedral will take place and will be live on television for viewers at home to watch.

4th June - Queen attends the Derby Day at Epsom

The Queen is yet to win a flat race and her dream has sadly ended just before her platinum jubilee celebrations as all three of her horses were withdrawn from the event. On the evening of the 4th, ‘The Platinum Party at The Palace’ will be broadcasted live on the BBC.

5th June - Platinum Jubilee pageant

This is the day when you’ll be asked to create street parties and the like. The Windsor Big Lunch is going to include the longest ever run of tables with organisers saying the event has cost between £10 and £15 million. The pageant organiser has said he wants to bring “exuberance, excitement, spectacle and wow-factor” with some of Britain's top actors, musicians, writers and members of the public to create an event like never before.

How you can create a Jubilee party in your garden

Now you know all of the goings-on with dates you can begin to properly plan your Jubilee party. So, below we’ve picked out all of the ideas we could think of so we can help you create a Jubille Party to remember.

  1. Serve Royal Drinks and Snacks

Make food fit for The Queen (or just your nearest and dearest). Think classic finger food like cucumber sandwiches, scones and sweet treats. All of this type of food is super-simple to prepare, you can make it the evening before or the morning of your party. 

  1. Decorate your garden

Go mad with decorations but keep the colours blue, white and red! Go for burning, Union Jack hats, table cloths and more. Really push the boat out with your decorations to make it a night to remember. 

  1. Play games

What’s the point of a party if it doesn’t have games? Get your little ones involved in this, they’ll know all the best games to play, but you older folk do know a classic game when it comes down to it. Have a look here at this blog on kids Queens Jubilee party games.

  1. Serve the Queen's favourites

If you’re struggling with food ideas then Her Majesty might be able to give you a helping hand. She loves a chocolate biscuit cake, and you can find the exact recipe here, with no baking involved it's a super easy cake to make, and if it's good enough for The Queen it's good enough for you.

  1. Make a playlist

With this being Ther Queens 70th anniversary celebrations why don’t you make a playlist with songs from every decade? Ask your guests to send requests over so everyone's favourites can be heard and danced to.

  1. Bring colour

Paint is certainly going to get your kids excited, so bring face painting to the party to ensure there is splashes of colour everywhere you look. 

  1. Make mocktails

Who doesn’t love a good mocktail? With this being a British celebration it wouldn’t be right without a glass of Pimms, so make one for the adults and a mocktail version for the kids. You can find a great Pimms mocktail here

  1. Dining Furniture

You can’t host a garden party without buying some outdoor furniture. And look, we’re biased it's what we specialise in, so take a look at our huge collection of rattan garden dining sets and find the one that’ll allow you to host the best party.

  1. Set a Royal table

Before guests arrive you need to create a Royal table. As you’ll be using blue, white and red it's only right that you find a table cloth to match. Have a look here at some of the best we could find. And you need to be quick as these will start running out the closer we get to the big day. 

  1. Invite friends, family and neighbours

Last, but by no means least… Get your party invites out! Invite over your friends, family and your neighbours and celebrate this once in a lifetime event in style.

A Royal Round-Up

Her Majesty has been on the throne since February 1952 (yes, she has already done 70 years!) And with the long weekend celebrating this amazing achievement, we’ve given you all the tips you need to create the most memorable of garden parties. We hope we’ve given you everything you need, so now all you need to do is use this blog as a checklist to create the perfect Queen’s Jubilee Garden Party.