Seeing the sun really does lift the spirits. A sunroom is a warm, comfortable place to enjoy the sunshine, all year round. It’s a more solid structure than a conservatory. Light and warmth come into the room through the windows and glazed doors but the roof is tiled or slated, occasionally with rooflights or skylights.

A room for all seasons?

Having a proper roof means a sunroom doesn’t get too hot in summer and it will retain heat in winter. Consider installing heating to make it much more usable all year round.

Cushion covers in a spring/summer colour can be changed to a warmer hue for the autumn/winter period. all year round. sunroom

In the sunroom or the conservatory, cushion covers in a spring/summer colour can be changed to a warmer hue for the autumn/winter period

Location and orientation

Sunrooms tend to face south to take advantage of the most light. Those facing south-east benefit from the morning light and those facing south-west can bask in summer evening sunshine.

Consider the location for your sunroom carefully. Which way does it face and when would it get the sun throughout the day? How much sun is it likely to get at different times of year? Windows or glazed doors on three sides will help you get the most light into the room.

What will you use your sunroom for?

A sunroom is a flexible room. It can be a family room, dining room or playroom. These all sound fairly active. It’s quite OK to simply relax. You choose how you want to use it.

Glazed doors leading out to the garden or terrace just add to the possibilities.

Sunny border with Helenium and Artemisia lactiflora. Sunroom

Sunny border with Helenium and Artemisia lactiflora. © Dominicus Johannes Bergsma and reused under

Make it feel and look like home

A sunroom is a structural addition to the home, although not as expensive as an extension. Make it feel like part of the house by using tiles, bricks or cladding that match or fit in with the rest of the building.

It’s a sunroom so decorate accordingly!

There are times when the sun does not come out, there are times when it is cloudy for days on end. If your sunroom is decorated in a bright, sunny style you need not despair. Add comfortable furniture and your spirits will be lifted as you walk in.

A sunroom’s a great idea.