Should I Leave My Rattan Furniture Inside, Or Out? – A Guide

Rattan garden furniture is great for outdoors and, luckily, it’s very simple and quick to care for. With a few simple tricks, you can keep your rattan furniture in great condition for over fifteen years.

With the everchanging weather conditions in the UK, it’s difficult to decide whether you should leave your rattan furniture outside. Some sets including the bistro and balcony tables and chairs are relatively easy to stow away. The difficulty comes when trying to find a safe place for a large round or rectangular dining sets.

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Black rattan table and chair

Whether it’s hot or freezing cold raining or snowing, your rattan furniture needs constant protection and care. Here’s a quick guide on how to look after your rattan furniture, no matter what the weather brings.

Rattan furniture can be left outside, but we always suggest to either; leave it inside, or fully protect it with a weatherproof shield cover. Our synthetic rattan is weatherproof, and its powder-coated aluminium frame prevents rust and decay. But like most expensive pieces of furniture, it needs to be cared for.

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Comfortable synthetic rattan chair with cushion

Leaving Rattan Furniture Outside - A Guide

If you don’t have the space to store your rattan furniture these quick tips on how to keep it protected, will certainly help you out.

  • Firstly, you need to make sure that your rattan furniture is secure. In strong winds, rattan furniture can blow away, due to its light aluminium frame. If your rattan chairs can be stacked, then do so. This can prevent chairs from blowing away.
  • Purchase a shield cover. Our rattan furniture comes with FREE shield covers. These covers are an easy way to fully protect your rattan furniture, from rain and snow. We also offer new shield covers which are a more advanced version of our free covers. The breathable fabric means your furniture won’t collect mould.
  • Get some light on your rattan furniture. If the sun does begin to shine, it’s important to take your shield cover off. Letting your rattan furniture breathe and sit in the sun is very important, shield covers that don’t breathe can allow rattan to become mouldy. That’s why it’s important to buy a quality shield cover.
  • Whilst your furniture sits in the sun, it’s a good time to begin to clean any marks off. A simple solution of warm water and diluted washing-up liquid can be wiped off gently with a cloth. Then dry off your furniture with a cloth and it will be ready to use.
  • One big tip is to bring in your cushions. Although weatherproof the cushions will fade, lost its shape and become damp when sat under the shield cover for a long period. Try to avoid washing them regularly as they will lose their weather resistant cover.

The quick and easy guide to leaving your rattan furniture outside needs to be taken seriously if you want to own your furniture for many years.



What to Do If I Leave My Furniture Inside – Quick Tip

You may have decided to put your garden furniture away until we can be sure of good weather again.

  • Ensure you keep the FREE shield cover on top of the rattan furniture even if it is left indoors. This prevents dust and debris building up when it’s in storage.
  • Take the furniture outside and put it into direct sunlight. Allowing the furniture to breathe prevents mould building up.
  • Remove the shield covers and shake them to remove dust that may have built up on the inside.

It is much easier to look after rattan furniture when it is left inside, during lengthy poor weather conditions. But this quick guide will ensure your rattan furniture is going to last for many years.

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