The word “trend” can stir up bad connotations, but, basically, it means “new ideas”. Showcasing new trends can highlight these new ideas in inspiring and creative ways. The approaching New Year will produce many new trends – clothing, colour, interior design and, garden. Yes, there is such a thing as garden trends. Gardening is not just a hobby for the green-fingered anymore. It has become an art form and, as with anything arty, it has developed its own distinct trends that can transform your garden into the talking point of your whole property.

The garden trends of 2018 seem less about aesthetics and more about health and wellness in general. There is an overall movement away from plastics and towards more reusable and renewable products. More emphasis on wellbeing and relaxation and more focus on making a garden something that everyone can have access to regardless of their property.

So,  whether you’re in need of a complete garden re-design or simply want to upgrade what you already have, here is a list of the top 7 garden design trends you can expect to see in 2018.



No, it’s not a special at your local Chinese takeaway.  It is actually a Japanese word which very loosely translated means ‘rustic’ and has been practised in Japan since the 15th century. It stands for the beauty of things imperfect, incomplete and unconventional. In short, it is a nod to natures natural cycle of growth, decay, and death.

It is not as morbid as it might sound. This is the perfect solution for any busy/lazy gardener. The key here is balancing nature and nurture. The style of Wabi-sabi allows you to sit back on your Rattan Daybed, relax and reflect on the beauty of your garden's natural imperfections. Simply put, wabi-sabi gardens allow nature to ‘do it’s thing’, even if that includes a couple of weeds here and there. Overgrown perennials, moss-covered stones, rusty iron gates and weathered pots are what is in style in 2018.

 stone stairs to a garden

Outdoors, Indoors

2018 brings us the ‘indoor garden’. Houseplants are making a big comeback. Not just the traditional big leafy potted plant or hardy cacti you christen your new home with, but the whole garden ambience. People are once again becoming fond of those big, leafy, potted plants but there is an interest in plants and flowers that can be used to compliment home accessories. They add to the overall design of the furniture.

This is not just a design trend. Some scientific studies have shown that plants in the home help people sleep better, help children concentrate in the classroom, reduce levels of ADHD, improve the health of patients in hospital and more.

To promote better sleep you are advised to place snake plants in your bedroom. These give out bursts of oxygen at night to support better breathing. Placing Aloe Vera in your kitchen will help to neutralise the benzene found in detergents and plastics. Bamboo is said to clean the air from pollutants and help lessen the effect of dust allergys.

This is a trend that can easily be adopted by anyone. Your garden centre can provide you with an endless supply of potted greenery, a hanging Koke dama, a Xerographica air plant, or a terrarium.

2018 even sees a growing trend towards micro-farming. This allows you to grow food in mini greenhouse gardens in your front room -  complete with LED lights that mimic daylight. Seed companies have embraced this trend and there is an ever-growing world of diversity to choose to grow from. Time to get creative with your indoor crop growing – how about a Cucamelon. Cucamelons are about the size of grapes with a flavour similar to cucumbers with a hint of sourness. Yum!


Reclaiming Small Outside Spaces

For most of us these days, space is at a premium and with house prices continually on the rise, more and more people are living in apartments blocks. Garden designers are determined to make even the smallest of spaces useful and attractive. Garden manufacturers have taken notice. Look out for a better choice in planters that slot onto balcony rails. New models will have coverings for protecting plants from cold temperatures so that you can even grow seeds and vegetables on your balcony alongside your flowers.

Self-watering wall planter systems have been improved for 2018 and the hanging macramé plant holder is having a bit of a revival. Add a small patio heater and you have an outside space you can enjoy all year round with minimal effort.

The key to these smaller spaces is multipurpose uses. Everything in a small garden needs to have more than one purpose. Something like a curb edge of the deck, that is also a planter, which also collects water from downspouts on the house, and acts as a seat wall is the perfect addition to any small outside space.

furniture on a balcony



This is a style that keeps popping up time and again. However, 2018 has taken the re-wilding trend up another notch. It is still all about working with nature, growing wildflowers and supporting our pollinating insects. Re-wilding means adjusting plant selections to better support local wildlife and growing both seed-producing and berry-bearing plants. However, now it is also about using ‘green’ gardening products, natural solutions to bug and slug killers instead of chemicals and insecticides and using peat-free products.

Edible gardens are still going strong, but the newest editions for re-wilding gardens are the natural dye gardens. These produce plants that are used for making natural dyes for colouring different products and materials.

The idea behind this is not only about the health of the environment, but also about your spiritual health. There is very little doubt that gardening is good for you -  it can help counter depression, and it’s good exercise. Plus exposure to sunlight gives you necessary Vitamin D. Getting back to nature without messing around with nasty chemicals and insecticides is a plus all around.

Add some carefully chosen outdoor furniture such as the Rattan Garden Corner Sofa’s to complement the garden. Now you have a truly beautiful, as well as practical garden, offering a wide range of vegetables, fruit trees, and pollinator-attracting flowers. Helping to save the environment and boost your physical and mental health at the same time.

Alfresco living/Wintercuing

Quite possibly the strangest sounding garden design trend considering our lovely British weather. It seems that we Brits are ready to embrace the Mediterranean lifestyle. Winter barbecueing, or wintercuing, is becoming a thing. Outdoor entertaining and kitchen areas are tipped to be a key trend for Spring/Summer 2018.

We are not talking about a little nook corner just off the kitchen. Alfresco dining spaces are being pushed out into the garden itself and made into a major feature. These dedicated outdoor dining areas are surrounded by in-ground and container plants for that lush feeling. Special flooring, comfy furniture and mood lighting turn it into a little haven. Complete the trend with a sunken fire pit, barbecue or pizza oven and you might never want to leave.

rattan furniture

Forget the Seasons

Another trend that 2018 is embracing is the ‘all year round garden’. Gardeners are putting more thought into their winter landscapes, not just the summer ones. Winter gardens should still be filled with dazzling colour and textures. No more dreary, empty landscapes for half the year.

They are not suggesting that you will be spending any more time out in the garden over the colder months than you did last year. The key here is to consider the views from the windows that you spend the most time near. Select plant combinations with contrasting textures and colours. Dark branches against bright green conifers and the fiery red Osier make a striking design for any winter view.

The idea here is simplicity. Choosing shrubs and trees with colourful or peeling bark, Evergreens that change colour in the winter and early bloomers that bring in late winter flowers to bring life to your winter view.

Obviously, as the colder months set in do not forget to bring in your outdoor furniture or protect them with a cover.

Lighting the Way.

Adding lighting to your garden is not a new thing. However, in this age of renewable energy, garden lighting companies are turning away from the more traditional lighting solutions we have seen in the past. The advances in solar energy capture, means that we can light up our gardens in a variety of fun, affordable and better ways. No more changing batteries or wiring up the garden with electricity.

The wide range of lighting methods allows you to create whatever ambience you want. Simple stand-alone lights can mark pathways, either discreetly embedded into the path edges or standing loud and proud along the side. Multi-coloured fairy lights can be tangled among the overhead branches of a tree creating dazzling shapes and textures. Solar Mason jars can be hung from above or used as table lighting. Festoon lights can create an ambient glow around any outdoor space creating romantic nooks. The choice is endless. As gardens are becoming more of an extension of the home these outdoor lighting solutions can be used to compliment your interior décor and gel the whole look and feel of your property together.


Whichever trend you choose to follow in 2018, one thing is for certain -gardens are making a bigger impact than ever before. With free delivery, 0% finance available and a 5-year warranty for your peace of mind, visit Rattan Direct today for all your outdoor and conservatory furniture needs.