Keeping your rattan garden furniture safe in poor weather conditions

Here in the UK, We’re used to poor weather. Storms and windy days are commonplace throughout the year, which is why it’s so important to keep your rattan garden furniture secure.

If you’re looking for ways to stop your rattan furniture blowing away in poor weather, you’ve come to the right place. Read on for more useful tips and tricks…

Check the forecast, be ready to put your furniture away during the autumn and winter

Strong winds can cause damage to your rattan furniture and prevention is always better than a cure.

For these reasons, we recommend storing your furniture away during the autumn and winter months.

October often brings with it gale force winds so it’s worth packing your furniture away in late September, if you’re not planning to use it.

Tie your rattan furniture to a wall or post with a rope or a bike chain

If you’re expecting poor weather and don’t have the space to store your garden furniture inside, it could be worth investing in a strong rope or heavy-duty chain.

By chaining your furniture to a sturdy post or fixture, you’re preventing the chances of it blowing away and damaging your garden.

This method is also an effective way of protecting your furniture from theft.

Use a cover and bricks to keep your furniture safe

Rattan furniture covers are great for protecting your furniture from adverse weather conditions, not just rain but bright sunlight which could cause your tables, chairs or sofa to fade.

When it comes to windy days, we recommend using a rattan furniture cover and keeping it secure with bricks or large stones to prevent it from blowing around your garden.

This is also a great means of keeping your furniture secure and out of the eyes of thieves or burglars. Click here for a wide selection of rattan furniture covers.

For more garden tips or advice about rattan furniture, visit our blog. Alternatively, click here to view our full rattan garden and conservatory range.