Over the past year, the lockdown has brought out the creative side in all of you, and DIY garden bars are certainly something most of you have attempted to create. With pubs, bars and restaurants all being shut for the best part of a year, its hardly surprising that some of you have been chopping up pallets, sheds and whatever wooden structures you could find, to create a garden bar.

We’ve scoured the internet, from Pinterest to Instagram in the attempt to find the greatest garden bar, in the hope that it’d give you all the inspiration you need to create your own DIY garden bar.


Get all of your DIY bar inspiration from the following ten garden bars, which we think are some of the best that we’ve seen.

  1. This simplistic looking bar brings everything you could possibly need for your garden. With its overhanging roof, you and your loved ones can sit outside no what the weather throws at you. Cute fairy lights decorate the front so when day turns to night, you’ll have an outdoor garden bar that brings an atmospheric touch.

Credit: Linda Vandenberg

  1. We love this bar that we found on Instagram, it brings such a positive vibe to your outdoor space. With bright blue painted wooden, on both the bar and fencing behind, this is a bar for someone who wants to make a statement. You’ll notice tiny fair lights at the front of the bar, and we can only imagine the stunning look this would have at night time.

Credit: @theelectricpenguin

  1. A garden bar doesn’t need to be open to the elements, as this one from @homesweethome_restoration proves, you can convert an old shed into a bar space. This one features a clean look and brings traditional pub comforts including a jukebox for all your favourite tracks.

Credit:  @homesweethome_restoration

  1. Fancy a Tiki Bar in your garden? I know we wouldn’t say not to that, this design has been made using old pallets! With bamboo fencing decorating the outside of it, it does give you a touch of Hawaii in your own outdoor space. A few cocktails here, outside with your nearest friends and family is something we’d all love right now!

Credit: Richard Smith

  1. Cast your eyes on this bar, another traditional pub feel, with a few modern touches. We love the colour coordinated blue that runs throughout this design, from the wallpaper to the chairs. The retro Pacman gaming station is an extra touch that goes a long way into making this bar a must-have for your home.

Credit: Jessica Rae Murray

  1. Paul Nowak has made this bar by hand, and it cost him an incredible £90 to make! Which has shocked all of us here at Rattan. With pallets and crates costing him next-to-nothing, it was only the roof and some paint that Paul spent his money on. And with a couple of helping hands from friends, he had his bar set up in his back garden within a matter of days – not bad for ninety quid!

Credit: Paul Nowak

  1. Stop what you are doing, I think we might have a winner! Okay, okay, so it's not massive or that expensive to create, but that’s exactly what makes this bar a must-have. If you have any kind of outdoor space you’ll be able to make this bar, and that’s why we love it. Whether you have a garden or a balcony, this will be able to be added to your wall. Click the link here and find a step by step guide on creating your own garden bar.

Credit: Cassie Fairy

  1. Wow! We bring another Tiki bar, this one feels like it has it all, with a stunning water feature on the front. We certainly wouldn't mind visiting “Taio’s Cheeky Tiki bar”.

Credit: Manchester Evening News

  1. Now, we know this next bar isn’t going to fit in most peoples gardens, but we simply couldn’t leave it out. This huge ultra-modern bar filled with fancy cocktails and a coffee machine brings a dreamy look to this outdoor space. And, if you’ve got the space to create a luxury garden bar like this in your garden, then you should do just that.

Credit: Luxury Home Bars

  1. Last, but by no means least is this stylish modern bar, that is picture-perfect and serves the ideal spot to watch those all-important football matches! With bi-folding doors, this outdoor bar feels a part of the garden. The white painted finish inside and grey painted oak bring a truly stunning look.

Credit: Green Retreats

This post will hopefully give you some inspiration on creating a garden bar for your outdoor space. Whether you go super-simple with a drop-down bar or go all out with a luxury bar, the choice is really yours.