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Ivy has great potential in the garden – time to think again?

Today we’re looking at ivy (Hedera), one of the trio of plants that mark the festive season. (We’ve already discussed the other two, mistletoe and holly.) It can be a misunderstood and unloved plant. Let’s try to change that. [N.B. We’re talking about the ivy whose botanical name is Hedera. We’re not talking about other… Read More »

Mistletoe! 12 things to know (includes kissing)

Mistletoe’s greenly-golden leaves and pearlescent white berries have been part of winter decorations for many centuries. They reassure us that the cold days, weeks and months will pass and new life will appear again in the spring. Because mistletoe grows magically, apparently spontaneously and seemingly without roots, there are many traditions associated with it. 1.… Read More »

Plants for your autumn and winter kitchen

Plants in the kitchen are a great way of lifting the spirits in autumn and winter. Something green or even flowering brings cheer into the house in the dark days and reminds you that spring and summer will come again. Plants improve your state of mind, can help to purify the air, and increase humidity… Read More »