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Outdoor Rattan Furniture Buying Guide


Is it time to revitalise your garden? If so, one of the best ways to do this is to replace your old, unattractive garden furniture with something new, more stylish and long lasting. More and more UK households are choosing rattan garden furniture when they do upgrade. We’ve created this outdoor furniture buying guide to help you choose the right pieces for you. 


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Things to consider before you start

Styles Rattan Works best with

Picking Furniture to suit the space

Material and Durability

Choosing the right accessories


Why Rattan Furniture?

Many of you have already asked yourselves ‘Why should I consider buying rattan furniture?’. Well, the advantages are clear. Rattan simply makes excellent outdoor living furniture. Low maintenance garden furniture is a must in our climate, and rattan is both durable and weather resistant. It is also light, easy to store over the cold months, and quite comfortable. The fact that it has leant classic, luxurious accents to English outdoor décor for centuries helps as well.


What is Rattan Garden Furniture?     

Rattan garden furniture is any type of wicker furniture that is woven from natural or synthetic rattan strips. As it is a woven material, it does not collect water and is considered fairly ‘showerproof. This is what makes it so popular as a garden furnishing.


Things to consider before you start

The size of your garden – make sure you have enough room to live with your new furniture comfortably. Measure the space you imagine putting the furniture carefully, and compare that to the products listed size (if new) or actual measurements.


How to measure your garden It is easiest to divide your garden up into squares, or rectangles, and measure the sides of these with a builder’s measuring tape.
How to measure furniture in this case, imagine a cube around the piece that contains any arms, wings or other ‘pokey-out’ bits, and measure the cube.
How to measure rattan furniture  the good news here is that wicker furniture measures just like any other kind. Perhaps even easier, as it if quite light and easy to lift or set on its side.
How to measure your garden It is easiest to divide your garden up into squares, or rectangles, and measure the sides of these with a builder’s measuring tape.
How to measure furniture in this case, imagine a cube around the piece that contains any arms, wings or other ‘pokey-out’ bits, and measure the cube.
How to measure rattan furniture the good news here is that wicker furniture measures just like any other kind. Perhaps even easier, as it if quite light and easy to lift or set on its side.


Your surroundings – Choose pieces that will be harmonious with the look and feel of your garden.
The warranty on the products – A piece with an excellent warranty can be counted on to last a long time (and if it doesn’t, the warranty should replace it).               
Your budget – Don’t over-buy, but also don’t saddle yourself with something cheaper than you need to – a few extra pounds on furniture can lead to a great deal more satisfaction.  

What are you going to be doing in the garden? 

Of course, what type of furniture is right for you depends largely on what you’ll actually be doing in the space.

Relaxing – if you’ll be using this art of your garden just for you and your family to relax, you’ll want sturdy, comfortable pieces that don’t stress form over function. Nothing you wouldn’t want kids – or pets – romping on when you aren’t looking.

Entertaining – If however, you will be using your garden or deck to entertain guests, you’ll want something a bit more sleek and stylish. Buy for comfort and quality, of course, but also consider carefully how the pieces will look, both as a set and as a part of your overall décor.  

Styles Rattan Works best with

rattan armchair

Many interior design trends incorporate rattan furniture in various ways. Contemporary outdoor furniture is often light, airy and visually remarkable, and modern wicker furniture fits the bill nicely. 

Modern outdoor furniture styles have not ignored rattan either. Modern rattan garden furniture styles are readily available today, and some of them are quite striking!  Relaxing garden chairs, and relaxing outdoor furniture, in general, have long been used in conservatories and casual rooms, for example. Rattan wicker casual chairs have graced some of England’s finest homes since they were first imported.             


What colours is rattan furniture available in?

Nearly any, in all honesty. Synthetic rattan comes in a wide variety of colours, and natural rattan takes paints and stains just like any natural wood product.

However, this season’s most popular colours are earth tones, with brown rattan sun loungers and grey rattan sun loungers popping up on decks and patios all over the UK. Of course, black never goes out of style, and sleek black rattan sun loungers are no rarity either.



Picking Furniture to suit the space

black rattan chair and table

If you have a large garden, it becomes important to consider is what parts of your garden you are buying for. For example:

Shaded Solutions

Ironically, you’ll need a bit of shade to really appreciate those warm, sunny summer days that will be upon us soon.


  • Rattan Day Beds are an excellent place to lounge the day away if they can be placed under some kind of roof or awning.
  • Dining Sets with Parasols are always popular, allowing you and your family to enjoy meals outdoors. Garden parasols, in general, can make all the difference on a hot, breezeless day.
  • Garden seating pods are also popular this year. These are enclosed or semi-enclosed furniture pieces that offer shade and comfort, and even a bit of protection from the wind. This could be a large ground-mounted pod that can seat 6-8 people around a bistro-style table, or even a rattan pod hanging garden chair combination.

Summer Houses

You’ll need a bit of summerhouse furniture to make this the kind of space you want to spend your time… and when they think of summer house furniture, UK customers think of rattan.

So, how to decorate a summer house?

  • A Rattan Sofas (with appropriate cushions) is impressively comfortable and light enough that it could even be moved by a single person.
  • Rattan Armchairs have always been regarded as a comfortable, elegant piece of furniture suitable indoors and out.
  • A Rattan Table and Chairs Set is a must-have piece, rounding out any room.


In The Sun  

However, if you want to get a bit of colour, you’ll need to venture out under that big bright thing we spent all winter talking about. To do so, comfortable outdoor furniture is a must.

  • Sun Loungers are a lovely way to stretch out comfortably whilst reading, sunbathing or enjoying a drink. Many of us particularly enjoy rattan or wooden loungers for the garden for the odd nap.
  • Garden Sofas can sit as many as 4 comfortably, and are perfect for entertaining guests.
  • Rattan Corner Sofas can make use of otherwise awkward spaces, and work very well with square tables.


Small Garden Ideas  

Small Gardens require small garden furniture, naturally. But space saving furniture does not have to be uncomfortable.

  • Small seating - Space saving furniture could include Cube Sets and Bistro Sets, or any of a number of compact seating solutions that we offer.
  • Garden storage ideas – you can comfortably use more or larger pieces if they can be stored in a smaller shed or elsewhere. Stackable garden furniture is one solution, as is our unique Rattan Storage System


Fun patio furniture will encourage your family to spend time outdoors (though probably not away from their phones).                

  • Balcony Sets are another kind of furniture meant to optimise tiny spaces and fit very well in small patios or decks.
  • Dining Sets are perfect for sharing a meal outside during warm weather, and to take the party outside during get-togethers.

Material and 

One of the most important considerations when buying garden furniture is how long it will last. You can make the most of your investment by selecting a durable, weather resistant material, and protecting it properly.

What is Outdoor Rattan Furniture made of? Typically, outdoor rattan will be synthetic rattan.

  • What is synthetic rattan made of? Usually a UV-resistant, hard-wearing synthetic, usually a plastic-like polyurethane.

Is rattan furniture weatherproof? Yes and no. It is highly weather resistant, but natural rattan should be kept reasonably dry, and even synthetic rattan should be covered throughout the winter months.

  • How to treat rattan furniture for outdoor use – Natural rattan can be treated with any product made to weatherproof outdoor wooden furniture.

How does Rattan Furniture survive being outside? (Is rattan furniture weatherproof?) Rattan handles weather very well, usually. Just keep it dry, and wash it when it becomes dirty. Synthetic rattan furniture is particularly easy to clean.

  • Can you leave rattan furniture outside during winter? We don’t advise it. Synthetic rattan can survive the winter with just a good cleaning, but it will last longer if stored inside.

How to protect Rattan Furniture from weather damage (how to protect rattan furniture) The best way is to simply store it inside during rain or bad weather. Alternatively, you can get durable all-weather covers


Choosing the right accessories

There are a wide range of accessories available to help you make the most of your rattan garden furniture. For example:

  • Covers help keep your furniture clean and dry
  • Patio Heaters can make even cool evenings more comfortable
  • Storage Boxes are an ideal way to pack your furniture away for the winter
  • Plant Pots bring life and colour to any outdoors area, even if you don’t have room for a traditional ‘garden’.
  • Cushions make rattan furniture much more comfortable, and can even extend its life.
  • Lazy Suzans make eating outside easier and more fun
  • Lighting makes your garden, patio or outdoor space just as welcoming during warm summer nights as it is during the day.


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