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Be ready for sunshine with an outdoor dining set and free parasol

Get ahead of the sunshine curve When the sun is out we all want to take advantage of it – strolling, sitting, relaxing. Don’t waste time later thinking about ‘What if …?’ or ‘I wish I had …’ – get organised now and be ready! Buy one of our outdoor dining sets and receive a… Read More »

Blackberries! It’s time to go brambling

Blackberries are quite delicious. You can grow them in your garden but, for me, blackberries from the hedgerow or from brambles growing over from the neighbour’s garden are the best. As so often with plants, names and terms vary across the country. Blackberries = brambles. Brambling = blackberrying. Brambles = the fruit or the thorny… Read More »

Sun lounger – 5 great reasons to stretch out (if you need them)

Sun lounger for summer At last we can move to the sun lounger! After a bit of build-up from the weather forecasters the sun is actually here for most of us. And it’s summer … so relax. TOWIE stars are leading the charge towards our sun loungers from the front. Five great reasons to stretch… Read More »

TOWIE’s Liam Gatsby’s having a pool party!

Man like @GATSBY_liam – it's your birthday! What time's the chopper picking us up to take us to the party? #HelicopterRideOnYourBirthday — Only Way is Essex (@OnlyWayIsEssex) August 9, 2016 It’s Liam’s birthday. Well, it was his birthday on Tuesday 9th August. He’s having a pool party! Everybody’s invited – will everybody show?? Hello babe.… Read More »