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Plant bare root trees and shrubs from November to March

By | November 1, 2017

Bare root plants are exactly that: their roots are bare of soil or container. These plants are grown in open ground and then dug up to be planted elsewhere. Bare root plants can be: trees hedges fruit trees, bushes and canes shrubs roses perennials. They are usually bought online or by mail order. They tend… Read More »

Dahlias give you parrots and sunshine in your garden

By | August 14, 2016

What are dahlias and where do they come from? The dahlia is the national flower of Mexico. It was introduced into Europe at the end of the eighteenth century and is named after Anders (Andreas) Dahl (1751–1789), a Swedish botanist. After a few decades out of fashion, dahlias are popular again. Dahlias give you parrots… Read More »

Lawn edges and edging, tying in and support for plants

By | May 6, 2016

Lawn edges and edging You could write a book about lawns. Regretfully, we simply don’t have the number of words here to explore the velvety green acres and problem patches of lawn care. What we can do, though, is recommend a quick and effective way of making your lawn look the best it can. Cut… Read More »

Gardening lingo tips, and a table in the garden

By | April 20, 2016

Gardening lingo: annuals, biennials, bi-annuals, perennials Over the decades and centuries gardening has developed its own language. Some words and phrases have been borrowed from allied fields (pun not intended!) like agriculture or botany. Some are specific to gardening. Just as it makes your life easier if you can order a coffee in French when… Read More »

Mix it up with an orgy for the senses!

By | April 9, 2016

  If political correctness was a food, our money would be on kale! Let’s be honest, how many of us had truly heard of it until our Anglophile superfood ambassador Gwyneth, kickstarted the cult? And the trendies have taken it a step forward, not content with purchasing at the supermarket, they’ve gone all cute and… Read More »