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Get your home right with rattan ‘garden’ furniture

Rattan could be the answer to that nagging design question: which furniture is best for my home? That’s because you can use rattan ‘garden’ furniture throughout your home and garden. It bridges the house/garden divide, pulls the interior design of your home together, and has the happy side effect of making it seem bigger. Types… Read More »

Five things to get straight before you commission an interior designer

Hiring an interior designer for the New Year Some people like to spruce up their houses before the New Year and other people like to do it afterwards. Whichever group you fall into, you may be considering hiring an interior designer to provide new ideas for your home and new solutions to any intransigent problems.… Read More »

On trend: revamp home and garden together

Revamping it all – home and garden – at the same time has a lot going for it. In the short-term, there’s only one set of mess and chaos to sort out and get over. And for the long-term, you can make sure that home and garden really mesh, giving you a much smoother living… Read More »

Gazebo and conservatory: blurring inside and outside

A gazebo? A conservatory? Blurring the line between inside and outside living spaces pulls your home together, and gives you more room for eating, entertaining and just enjoying. And if you can minimise the boundary between indoors and outdoors as far as possible, you are on the road to an illusion of boundless space. The… Read More »

Add value to your home with a conservatory or garden room

Add value to your property with a conservatory, orangery or garden room. Fit bi-fold doors to open it up to the great outdoors and bring in more light. Rattan furniture will complete the look at no great extra cost. Add value to your property, or at least maintain it Whether you’re hoping to work your… Read More »