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Chewy Halloween monster cookies

These simple to make cookies are ideal for Halloween, made in a range of bright colours and decorated with sugar eyes. Use professional grade food pastes or gels if you can, that way you will need less. Modern food colourings do not alter the flavour or texture of a recipe too much, but the less… Read More »

Indian street food; bhel puri

Street food is having a bit of a moment in the UK, as we plunder our way through the cuisines of the globe. A vibrant, often healthier alternative to the American chains, street food is exactly that; the recipes and foods found on the streets of various nations. What you might grab for breakfast in… Read More »

Really good Greek Moussaka

  Way back at the beginning of my cooking career, I worked in a Greek restaurant that made the best moussaka on the planet. Taught by Greeks, this is still the only way I will make, or indeed eat, it. What makes it so good? Minced lamb, not beef, is obligatory. The sauce must be… Read More »