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A world of barbecue side dishes

To go with our world of barbecue skewers, we have come up with a selection of classic barbecue sides. Not always intended for barbecue, they do however go perfectly with our selection of grilled skewers. You could stick to one and serve with the relevant skewer, or have a party with all the skewers and… Read More »

Classic American Milkshakes

According to polls, in the US at least, the thick ice cream based milkshake is the most popular drink to go with a burger. So, with that in mind, we decided to go with a few simple classics rather than follow the recent trend for goodie-laden freakshakes. Check out our post and video on classic… Read More »

Texas barbecue beans

Make these fabulous Texas style barbecue beans to go with our equally fabulous BBQ short ribs. Not molasses sweet, they are thick and garlicky with a savoury edge of bacon. Cooked on the fire with the beef ribs, or indoors on the hob, they make a great meal perfect. We used butter beans for convenience,… Read More »

Spicy chicken quesadilla

This chicken quesadilla recipe is quick and easy to put together, but tastes and feels far better if you make your own salsa and guacamole; neither of which take much time or effort to make. We used a store-bought fajita seasoning for the chicken, and prepared the whole thing on the BBQ. Just make sure… Read More »

Turkish kofta – mix up your bbq routine

Countries all over the world, have some version, or even a few, of minced meat kebabs. Many use the same, or similar mixture, in large format such as meatloaf or braised/baked dishes. These dishes, often lamb, sometimes beef, increase the versatility of mince tenfold. Grilled outdoors on the barbecue, kofta skewers are quick and easy.… Read More »

How to make BBQ pizza

I have been waiting until later in the summer to buy one of those pizza ovens that fit over the barbecue, or perhaps a free-standing brick pizza oven. Then it occurred to me that it could it be possible to make a pizza on the BBQ with just the barbecue and a pizza stone. Turns… Read More »