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COVID-19: Latest Updates

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I still place an order?

Yes, we are still operational, with reduced numbers of staff on-site at any given time. You can place orders as usual through our website or over the phone.

Some of your products are displaying long delivery lead times, why is this?

Regrettably, the Covid-19 pandemic has significantly affected supply chains all across the world, as well as directly contributing to UK border closures. On top of cross-border shipment delays as a result of the Brexit trade agreement, British ports are also facing serious bottlenecks as a direct result of the pandemic. You’ll have no doubt seen that many furniture suppliers are showing similar long estimated delivery times for their products.

As a consequence of the above, there are fewer freight containers available in the Far East to transport stock and much more limited means of passage. We anticipate shipping and delivery times may take longer than usual, which is why we are providing slightly longer and estimated delivery dates. Please rest assured that we are doing everything possible to get stock and orders in as soon as is possible, and you will be notified of updates along the way.

I placed an order and selected an estimated delivery date. When exactly will I receive my order?

If you have pre-ordered an item from us then, until your order has arrived into the UK, it is difficult to confirm an exact delivery date which is why we are providing estimates. When you order with us you will be given a link to track the progress of your order, or you can simply type your order number into this link for an update. We encourage you to check this periodically for updates and bear in mind that the date on the tracker will always be subject to change, but as soon as we have your item(s) we’ll be in contact with you to arrange and confirm a delivery date that is suitable for you.

Are delivery times for in-stock items affected?

Delivery times for in-stock items are unaffected.

Is it safe to receive orders?

Yes. Online shopping is actively encouraged in order to keep the economy going. Our delivery drivers are equipped with protective equipment and our ‘contactless’ delivery service allows our team to deliver your order safely and with minimal risk.

Do you do contactless delivery?

All orders are now 'contactless' which allows you to receive orders safely, so you can receive your furniture without any fuss or concerns.

Can I still return items?

Yes, our returns policy has not changed. If you’re unhappy with your order, please contact our customer service team who will arrange for your products to be returned.

A few things we're doing...

Cleaning stations

Our cleaning facilities are all fully stocked with anti-bacterial soap and hand-wash in line with government recommendations to ensure employees are washing their hands regularly and thoroughly.

Protective gloves and masks

Our warehouse team have been supplied with protective equipment to ensure that they’re safe while they work.

Sanitising Vans

Our vans are sanitised regularly to ensure high levels of cleanliness.

Contactless Delivery

Our delivery drivers & partners will no longer come into direct contact with customers, as your safety along with our colleagues is our number one priority. We have also now launched a special delivery instruction section within our online checkout.

Working from home

Staff who have the ability to work from home are doing so, while our warehouse team continue to operate on-site, they’re doing so with strict guidance, to ensure they’re safe at all times.

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