Garden Room by David Salisbury

Garden Room by David Salisbury.

A contemporary garden room has more glass than other rooms. It gives you views over the garden and easy access to it. It's a relaxed space to use however you like.

I'm a bit confused about where a garden room is exactly

What it comes down to is this:

  • a garden room can be attached to a house


  • it can be a detached building in the garden.

Garden room attached to the house

I am very fond of garden rooms as I am fortunate enough to have one. It replaced a rather ramshackle conservatory that leaked badly and made threatening noises in high winds. I would say the new garden room has been a calming and civilising influence.

Like an orangery, a garden room is an extension, but its style and glazing tends to match the main house. It has a brickwork base which extends up to the roof and the adjoining walls of the house.

This lovely room has a tiled or slated roof creating a vaulted ceiling. There is more natural light than in the main house, with light flooding in through the roof glazing, picture windows, perhaps a glazed gable and a fully glazed door.

And what can it be used for? Well, it's somewhere quiet to read, think and write, a sitting room, a dining room, a playroom or anything you fancy.

I use it as a warm spot for plants. From experience, I would say there isn’t quite enough room for tomatoes but there is for chilli peppers. And I shall be overwintering lemongrass, ginger lilies and the pelargonium cuttings there.

A rattan armchair or two can add to the ambiance.

Garden room in the garden

The other style of contemporary garden room is a detached building in the garden, for use all year round. Having that separation from the house, sometimes only a few paces, seems to open up another world entirely.

Sliding or bi-fold doors invite the garden into the room in good weather. The rooms often have an adjacent sitting-out area where you can relax and enjoy the garden and open air. Rattan is a natural choice for furniture, of course.

These rooms are very popular as offices. Concentration is very good away from the house and great, productive work can be done. All in favour of that!

Garden rooms are also used as gyms, soundproof music studios, and micro-homes for the older generation or nannies. As workshops, artists’ studio and poolside places. As places to get away from it all.

Garden rooms in the garden can be built to quite high specifications and are often very stylish. It's fair to say that these beautiful buildings are a far cry from a souped-up shed! And they can also add 5% to the value of your property.

There is a garden room to suit you

There are garden rooms and there are garden rooms. If you're looking, you're sure to find one to suit you.

Styles in garden rooms have changed over the years. This garden room at Craigievar Castle, Kintocher, Aberdeenshire has a rotunda shape.

Styles in garden rooms have changed over the years. This garden room at Craigievar Castle, Kintocher, Aberdeenshire has a rotunda shape.
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