Christmas Garden

Can you believe Christmas is nearly upon us already? It feels like it was just yesterday that we were pulling crackers, stuffing our faces and falling asleep in front of the telly.

Like most people, you’re probably already planning your Christmas shopping. Maybe you’ve already started pulling your seasonal decorations out of the attic.

It’s all very exciting. The house is going to look as great, but what about the garden? The outdoors can be a magical place during the colder months. Who doesn’t love a walk through the snow or a ramble in the woods during those December mornings?

Luckily, you don’t have to trek to your local park to enjoy the beauty of winter. Here are just a few simple ways of adding some Christmas sparkle to your own garden…

Let it snow, let it snow

We can’t predict what the weather will do this December. Much like the British summer, it’s completely potluck.

If we’re not blessed with the white stuff this year, invest in some good quality artificial snow to coat the top of your plant pots and flowerbeds with.

The great thing about snow, as well as being a lot of fun, is that it can make your garden look really, really beautiful. Which brings us to our next seasonal bit of advice…


Flowers can really transform a garden, adding splashes of colour and vibrancy. Pansies, violas and primrose are just a few of the many attractive types of flowers you could incorporate into your garden, this winter.

Liven up the outside of your house with hanging baskets or a few pre-planted pots around the garden to inject some life and character to your back yard.

christmas wreath

Hang a wreath on the garage door

Top off your enchanting winter wonderland with a wreath. As well as your front door, hang one on your garage or greenhouse to give your garden that extra bit of seasonal cheer.

Christmas lights

Who doesn’t love fairy lights in the garden? Christmas lights can look really lovely in your garden and won’t cost you a fortune. And no, before you ask, we’re not talking about those houses that are so lit brightly that they can be seen from space.

Incorporate some Christmas lights around the garden. Invest in a set with a long enough cable to wrap around the branches of your trees, hedges, fences or anything else. But don’t go too crazy, as less is definitely more.



Lanterns look great all year around but especially in the winter when the days are shorter and the nights are longer.

String a set around your garden or adorn your walls with the candle-lit versions to give your garden a warm and cosy glow – perfect for a party or gathering.

Wheelbarrow Christmas bouquet

Do you have an old wheelbarrow knocking around, or one that doesn’t get used often? Fill it with some seasonal plants and flowers (holly, mistletoe, poinsettia) to make your own Christmas garden feature.

An outdoor Christmas tree

It’s traditional to keep a pine tree indoors during the festive season, so why not have one in the garden? You don’t have to go huge – nothing that will require a man and a van. A small one will do perfectly.

Plant your tree in the middle of the garden with some wooden logs or place it in a pot on the patio. Add some fairy lights and a few old shoeboxes covered in wrapping paper to resemble presents. Perfect for letting Santa know where to call on Christmas Eve.

And if it does snow…

Build a snowman! No Christmas is complete without your very own Jack Frost. Grab an old hat, a scarf and a carrot and let the bells ring out for Christmas Day…

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