Space – I love it. In part, that’s because I live in a small space – both house and garden. But I also love it because of the air and light it lets in and because it helps me think straight. That’s not to say that my living is minimalist – it isn’t.

Some of the things that give me space in the house and in the garden are:

  • furniture that does its job but doesn’t take up too much space
  • furniture that does more than one job
  • furniture that can be stored away easily and not take up too much space
  • storage.

Furniture that does its job but doesn’t take up too much space

On a balcony, a small patio or in a secluded nook in the garden you can’t go wrong with a small table and one or two chairs. Have a look at this range of bistro sets. It’s my belief that if you’re going to take the time to sit down, if you’d like to relax, then you need something comfortable. You’re not at a café where the owner would like to move you on as soon as you’ve finished your coffee. You’re at home. Take time and have space to chill.

Corner sofas are another piece of furniture that can fit most gardens as they come in sections. Read more about measuring up here.

Furniture that does more than one job

A good outside dining table is an example of this. Yes, of course it’s for dining but it’s also for projects and homework, sorting out the washing and displaying some of your most beautiful pot plants.

Furniture that can be stored away easily and not take up too much space

There are times (such as … winter) when you don’t want your garden furniture and need it to be tidied away in as little space as possible. Amazingly, the two Orlando rattan chairs and matching patio table pack away into a vase. The Barcelona rattan range packs away into a cube.

Storage - somewhere to put things away

However big or small your garden, too much ‘stuff’ can start to look like litter after a while, rather than beautiful or useful items you love or need to have around. Whatever your ‘stuff’ – clean towels, empty plant pots, toys, candles – you need somewhere to put it away.

I like drawers. You can be logical with drawers. Things put in them will be kept fairly safe and clean, and it can be a permanent arrangement.

I like storage boxes or chests  for larger items like cushions, towels or blankets.

I also like storage boxes for those ‘must clear up quickly’, ‘just for the time being’ moments. I accept that things can become a bit of a muddle but, for the garden, a storage box is a fabulous solution to the challenge. Just throw everything in! Well, within reason, of course. Be a bit sensible.

Large rattan storage box in chocolate mix. Space

Large rattan storage box in chocolate mix


Let space, light and air into your garden!