It’s Liam’s birthday. Well, it was his birthday on Tuesday 9th August. He’s having a pool party! Everybody’s invited – will everybody show??

Hello babe. Wotcha doin’? Wanna come to a party?

Liam’s a rich kid as well as being an entrepreneur, a rapper, a helicopter owner and … a ladies’ man. His pool party’s going to be a lot of fun. I don’t think it’s going to be too formal!

Liam’s the host – some must-haves for him

  • Food – something easy to eat, something strongly flavoured – these pork, peach and chilli kebabs look good!
  • Drink – wine, beer and something non-alcoholic and lovely for the designated drivers. :)
  • Rattan sun loungers – actually he’s sorted for these as he’s got some from Rattan Direct.
Gorgeous girls with gorgeous Rattan Direct sun loungers. #TOWIE

Gorgeous girls with gorgeous Rattan Direct sun loungers. #TOWIE

Try the Limbo Contest, a classic party game. Use a pool noodle for a limbo stick and challenge each other to see how low you can go. Or play in the pool where players have to swim under the noodle without touching it. And the noodle gets lower and lower each round. More games here.

  • A professional DJ makes sure the music is continuous and consistent. It can really make the difference between keeping the dance floor packed or people drifting off early.
  • Outdoor speakers because you need to hear the music and, well, electricity and water don't mix. So get waterproof and rustproof speakers, designed for the open air.
  • A chiminea or a firepit because it changes the vibe and keeps the party going after the sun's gone down.

You’re going – some TOWIE advice

Arrive just after the party starts because you’ll attract attention and people will see your rocking outfit. Lots of those at Liam’s pool party!

There are swimming costumes, bathing suits and there are pool party clothes! Take a cover-up to avoid awkward moments and (internet advice) choose a cute bathing suit that flatters your shape! Some swimming costumes do not do this. OMG‼

Swimsuit by the pool. TOWIE

Swimsuit by the pool
CC0 Public Domain

That’s not Nicole Bass’s problem though. We saw her cozzie earlier in the year when she was in Marbella. The Daily Mail Online tells us:

The 24-year-old TOWIE star looked phenomenal in the racy swimsuit which made the most of her fabulous figure with curves in all the right places.

Let’s hope she doesn’t bring her cat with her to the party. Cats and pools – not a good combo.

(Talking of Marbs: Elliott White, the ex-TOWIE star, has furnished his restaurant there with rattan furniture.)

Thank God for sunglasses. Even if it’s raining.

Sunglasses at the poolside. TOWIE

Sunglasses at the poolside
Public domain

Watches? Yes, definitely at a TOWIE pool party but what if you get thrown in? The Daily Mail Online tells us that watches are:

the hallmark of any TOWIE star

** Very important**

Give the birthday boy a present.

What do you give the boy who has everything? I don’t know but let’s hope that Liam gets something.

Don’t forget the present and leave it at home!

Happy Birthday! TOWIE