It is easy at this time of year to be over worked and run down. Working inside means that during the winter months you get just 30 minutes of bright light compared to over 90 in the warmer summer months. Therefore, on the darker colder days your moods worsen and you feel more sluggish. With the stress of the season and the early evenings winter blues is easy to come by. Perhaps the last thing you want to do is to head out in the garden. However, just being in the garden, regardless of the time of year, is a scientifically proven way of boosting your mood, energy levels and immune system. Getting outside in the winter encourages your mood boosting behaviour such as socialising and exercising. Of course, the garden at this time of year isn’t particularly inviting, so why not make sure yours is?

It’s incredibly easy to turn your garden from a destitute dark area to an area that will rival any sumptuous ice palace. The very first step is to ensure you have a heat source. Not only does it give you some warmth for when the temperature drops, but if you go for something like a fire pit you can cook some gorgeous warming winter snacks. Roasted Chestnuts and Marshmallows. Why not even heat up some mulled wine and kick back with a winter book?

So head out to the garden and brush the autumn leaves off your most comfortable outdoor chairs. Hunt through the shed and dig out the winter fairy lights. Not all of us want to spend time in the garden by weeding and getting grubby so why not cosy up your garden for relaxing in? Hang the fairy lights from trees or bushes around your seating area for a colourful and cosy atmosphere. If you have lanterns and candles arrange them around for an added warm and cosy glow. Add in some sumptuous full cushions and faux fur throws and you have a divine, luxurious seating area for indulging in whenever you can escape the office.

However, if the empty flowerbeds are calling out to you why not pop in some beautiful flowers and winter bedding plants to lift and add colour to your garden beds? Snowdrops are delicate and beautiful and thrive in cold soil. Why not have some Irises too? Gorgeous shades of purple and they are perfect for cutting and bringing inside. One of our favourites are Camellias which are stunning evergreen bushes that start blossoming in autumn and carry on through winter and spring. They come in a diverse range of colours from white, delicate pinks to bright and deep reds. Aside from growing in soil and being easy to leave and love, you can also purchase them in pots to arrange around your winter luxury space.

So bundle up, get some gorgeous furniture, a good book and head outside! Wrap yourself up in divine blankets and soak up all that vitamin D and boost your mood, who knows what you might be able to accomplish!

by Lucinda from