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Picnic loaf recipes

A picnic loaf is a partly hollowed out loaf of bread, stuffed with a variety of fillings, and then chilled and pressed before the main event. Fully transportable, wrapped tightly in cling film, it is then sliced into wedges, in situ, when it is time to eat. The original picnic loaf, pan bagnat, is native… Read More »

A world of barbecue side dishes

To go with our world of barbecue skewers, we have come up with a selection of classic barbecue sides. Not always intended for barbecue, they do however go perfectly with our selection of grilled skewers. You could stick to one and serve with the relevant skewer, or have a party with all the skewers and… Read More »

A world of barbecue skewers

We have spent the past month or so learning some advanced barbecue techniques such as pulled pork and beef brisket, all over slow coals, so we thought we would look at some fast grilling ideas. The idea with this selection of kebabs was to offer plenty of alternatives, but together with our world of sides… Read More »

Classic American Milkshakes

According to polls, in the US at least, the thick ice cream based milkshake is the most popular drink to go with a burger. So, with that in mind, we decided to go with a few simple classics rather than follow the recent trend for goodie-laden freakshakes. Check out our post and video on classic… Read More »

Peach cobbler – southern USA

For a quick and easy dessert try our take on the all-American peach cobbler. Variations abound, but we decided on a particularly simple method that sits somewhere between muffin and sponge. A baked pudding, served warm, you could be forgiven for thinking that this dessert belongs to winter. But then you taste the peaches and… Read More »