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6 tips to help you keep on top of the weeding this spring

Spring is now well underway and everything is growing fast, weeds included. Weeding now stops weeds getting well established. It makes all the difference! Here are six tips to help you. 1. Know your enemy A regular stroll around your garden will show you where the weeds are and where action is required. Get to… Read More »

Ultimate lemon drizzle cake

Even if you have never made a cake in your life, with a good recipe you should be able to turn out a perfect lemon drizzle cake every time. This one addresses the most common weak spots; namely a lack of lemon and not enough drizzle. There’s nothing worse than a lemon drizzle that merely… Read More »

Be ready for sunshine with an outdoor dining set and free parasol

Get ahead of the sunshine curve When the sun is out we all want to take advantage of it – strolling, sitting, relaxing. Don’t waste time later thinking about ‘What if …?’ or ‘I wish I had …’ – get organised now and be ready! Buy one of our outdoor dining sets and receive a… Read More »

Plant spring bulbs in pots now to lift your spirits in 2017

Planting your choice of bulbs now, in your choice of outdoor pots, will give you hours of pleasure as winter slowly turns into spring. And, as Christine Skelmersdale of Broadleigh Gardens says: It needs no special skills and is virtually fool proof. Prepare now – even though it feels like spring is months away! Spring… Read More »