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‘Fastigiate’ trees and shrubs are plant exclamation marks!

Plants can have different forms, depending on the variety. Some sprawl, some spread, and fastigiate ones stand very straight and upright. They are an exclamation mark in plant form! The ‘very straight and upright’ trees and shrubs have erect branches, almost parallel to the stem. They are narrow so can be suitable for small gardens,… Read More »

Your window box will lift the spirits in late winter!

Looking ahead, many people will have planted up their winter window box in autumn. They will have predicted, correctly, that spirits needs a little uplifting when you look outside on a dreary, dank day, or if the winds are biting, or even if the skies are brilliantly blue. Some of us just didn’t get to… Read More »

How to turn your plant pots into festive plant pots

At this time of year, when the focus tends to be indoors, some plant pots can look rather plain and out-of-step with the rest of the Christmas decorations. Are your plant pots looking rather non-festive? It doesn’t take very long to transform ordinary pots into festive plant pots, especially if you use ribbon. Festive plant pots… Read More »

A low maintenance garden for all seasons

For a good looking, low maintenance garden, I recommend thinking big, thinking simple and editing, editing, editing. And for a garden of any kind, be clear about what you want to use it for, make the space for that and include things that make you feel good. What garden things make you feel good? Garden-wise,… Read More »

Free plants: the hardwood cuttings edition

Welcome to another blog post in our occasional series about taking cuttings to make plants for nothing. For nothing, that is, if you’re prepared to put in a little time now and you’re not in a hurry. That’s because hardwood cuttings take about nine to 12 months to establish a root system. The dormant period,… Read More »