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Mind your back! Using wheels and good lifting technique in the garden

Mind your back! As many of us know, it’s very easy to overdo it in the garden and hurt your back. A set of wheels certainly helps in moving things around. Something to think about over the next few weeks? You might be able to pick up a bargain in the sales. Good lifting technique… Read More »

How to make little paper envelopes, and good compost with paper

December is the month of wrapping paper, folding paper and generally trying to make paper fit round awkward objects that don’t want to be wrapped. There comes a point when you do not want to hear the word ‘origami’. It’s lucky, then, that we shan’t really be talking about full-blown origami in this blog although… Read More »

Plant now for spring and summer scent

Let’s think ahead to spring and summer scent, jumping quickly over those lovely sweet-scented winter plants like witch hazel, sarcocca and Algerian iris. Spring and summer is not that far away in gardening terms, and a bit of thinking ahead is in order. Location, location, location? I often read that warm, sheltered places are best… Read More »

Enjoying and caring for late-flowering roses

Some roses flower well into October and beyond, either because they flower for much of the year or because they have a good second flush of blooms from late summer. It’s tempting at this time of year just to leave these late-flowering blooms, but a bit of attention will improve the plants’ health and vigour,… Read More »

Plant spring cabbage now for spring greens from February

Cabbage has become a pretty cool vegetable and spring cabbage is one of the family. It’s full of vitamin C, especially when raw in dishes like coleslaw. (‘Cole’ comes from the Latin word for cabbage.) It’s apparently anti-bacterial and fights chest infections. Sauerkraut and kimchi are fermented cabbage – all the rage. Growing and harvesting… Read More »