When the property market is sluggish or your end of the market is full of similarly priced properties, your home needs to stand out in order to sell.

There are many things that put people off making an offer but before you even get to that stage, you need to ensure your property shines right from the start.

And that means ‘staging’ your home, an Americanism that really can make a big difference.

What is staging?

Staging is suggesting to potential buyers the lifestyle they could enjoy in your home.

But it is a question of balance, as shown in this infographic. For example, your home needs to be clean, fresh and vibrant but get the balance wrong, and it will tip into clinical show hours.

What’s the secret to successfully staging your property for sale?

The first step is to see it through the eyes of potential buyers.

Take the outside, for example, and consider when was the last time you really looked at the front of your home?

Is there peeling paint? Does it look unkempt? What is the first impression?

And then you need to move inside…

It can seem like a daunting prospect and easier to assume that potential buyers will see past your things and clutter, the brightly coloured walls and the unfortunate dog odour. But they won’t.

Personality, not personal

Many home stagers stick by the mantra personality and character, but not personal.

In other words, make sure potential buyers can see what makes your property the perfect home for them, and not how it is the perfect home for you.

If you unsure where to start or how to suggest a lifestyle to potential buyers, this infographic has it all.

Follow these tried and tested home staging tricks and you’ll see a difference the next time potential buyers walk through the door.






Home Staging