Spending the summer in the garden with the kidsAugust is upon us and soon autumn will be too. Summer is well and truly slipping by, but don’t worry - the best is yet to come! School’s out and it’s time to kick back with the kids for a lazy six weeks.

In theory, hazy summer days with the kids sound like a great idea, but then you remember how much it costs to keep them busy. Entertaining your little ones need not be so pricey when you’ve got your very own garden escape to provide hours of fun.

Hours of effortless fun

Remember the simpler times when all you needed was a stack of garden chairs and the dining table cloth? Hiding away in your own garden fortress, a den made just for you. Who says we can’t bring back the good ol’ days and ditch the TV and consoles for a few short weeks?

Creating backyard bliss takes very little time and effort as there are plenty of activities you and the children can get involved with this summer.

If your garden isn’t quite up to scratch, the clean up operation can become an activity in itself. Slap on some sunscreen, grab your wellies and get shoveling! By letting the children pick which flowers go where, you’ll keep them entertained and give them a sense of responsibility. They won’t know it, but you’ll actually be teaching them a valuable lesson in caring for the environment.
You don’t have to be a green fingered guru to add a touch of colour to your garden, but if you want to get really creative, why not create a garden pond and allow your children to pick out and name the fish?

After a long day gardening under the sun, you should remember that your children will need a rest from the relentless heat. Parasols make a great addition to any garden, offering shade when needed most. Serve some cool drinks underneath and coax them away from the sun’s rays every so often to make sure they’re not overheating.

Get the whole family involved

Summer fun isn’t just about BBQs and burnt bangers. Invite the whole family round for a day of fun and activities in the garden. Perhaps you could hold your own family sports day or talent show. Your children could even occupy themselves by practising or making badges for the winners, whilst you prepare dinner al fresco.

Just make sure that you have enough room to accommodate all of your family! Our adjustable Valencia corner sofa is perfect for rearranging the garden in time for guests arriving.

Making space is a breeze when you choose lightweight rattan furniture. You won’t have to worry about the children having accidents on heavy garden furniture and you can move the whole set out of the way for activities with ease.


With the right setting, you can create a space that transforms the mundane into a summer sensation. Whether it’s drawing under the parasol or growing your own vegetable patch - everything becomes a little bit better beneath the heat of the summer sun.

Don’t let your children hide inside wasting the nice weather this year - after all, we’re not exactly blessed with year-round sunshine. Get out there and make the most of the Great British summer!