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  1. Preparing Your Garden For Autumn

    Preparing Your Garden For Autumn

    As the summer season draws to a close your garden maintenance needs to step up a gear. Why? Because the preparation of your garden in the autumn will ensure you... Read More
  2. Getting Your Garden Party-Ready

    Getting Your Garden Party-Ready

    How to get your garden party-ready Add lighting to bring ambience BBQs are a must Find the perfect garden dining/sofa set Plant flowers or herbs to give your garden a... Read More
  3. Make your own outdoor movie night

    Make your own outdoor movie night

    How to make an outdoor movie night   Find the best location in your garden Buy a projector Create the perfect seating arrangement Decorate your garden Drinks and snacks are... Read More
  4. How to create a summer music festival at home

    How to create a summer music festival at home

    In 2020 music festivals in the UK were cancelled, and in 2021 music festivals are slowly coming back. Plenty of festivals are sadly still cancelled, and the tickets you had... Read More
  5. Simple Garden Picnic Ideas

    Simple Garden Picnic Ideas

    Make the most of the summer holidays by creating your very own picnic in your garden. Nothing quite beats a good old-fashioned picnic, and doing it at home means you... Read More
  6. Wind Proofing Your Garden

    Wind Proofing Your Garden

    A toppled over bin, an outdoor dining table upside down and a parasol shoved into the fence at the bottom of your garden. Does this sound like a regular occurrence... Read More
  7. 15 Small City Garden Ideas

    15 Small City Garden Ideas

    Small City Garden Ideas Living within the hustle and bustle of a city centre in the UK can be stressful, so getting much-needed time outdoors is a must. Not only... Read More
  8. Small Balcony Furniture Ideas

    Small Balcony Furniture Ideas

    A balcony is a platform that is enclosed by a wall on the outside of a building—first invented by the ancient Greeks to increase the airflow within their heated climate... Read More
  9. UK Front Garden Ideas

    UK Front Garden Ideas

    Front gardens are often neglected spaces when it comes to home and garden renovations. Usually, a front yard offers little space in terms of comfort, with some homeowners preferring to... Read More
  10. UK Back Garden Ideas

    UK Back Garden Ideas

    If you’ve been “umming” and “ahing” about getting your back garden ready for the summer, then maybe some of our back garden ideas will give you the inspiration you need... Read More
  11. The Best Balcony Tips

    The Best Balcony Tips

    Do you have a balcony, patio or small outdoor space? Then this blog post will be for you. We look at all the possible changes you can make to give... Read More
  12. 'An Outdoor Lifestyle' - An Interview with Kerry Price from @renovation_44

    'An Outdoor Lifestyle' - An Interview with Kerry Price from @renovation_44

    As Spring turns to Summer we begin a brand-new garden blog series ‘An Outdoor Lifestyle’. This blog series will see us interview a range of garden lovers, to find out... Read More

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