Rattan could be the answer to that nagging design question: which furniture is best for my home? That’s because you can use rattan 'garden' furniture throughout your home and garden. It bridges the house/garden divide, pulls the interior design of your home together, and has the happy side effect of making it seem bigger.

Types of rattan

There are two types of rattan furniture: natural and synthetic.

Both are fabulous, but here we’re talking about synthetic rattan. You certainly don’t need to confine it to the garden and it can make an excellent choice in conservatories, garden rooms and in the house itself.

terrace. Synthetic rattan. Excellent choice. Outdorr rattan furniture

Comfortable synthetic rattan chair with cushion

8 advantages of using rattan ‘garden’ furniture inside your home

  1. Pull your house and garden together effortlessly by using the same furniture throughout. It’s easy to keep the theme but change the look just a little, if you want to, with different cushions and throws.
  2. Using the same furniture is such an easy way to let the house spill out into the garden, and to bring the garden into the house.
  3. Pulling your design together and lessening the difference between home and garden gives yourself more space in your space. We all like that.
  4. Rattan ‘garden’ furniture is happy in the conservatory and equally happy to be moved outside on sunny days. It’s resistant to ultra-violet (UV) light and it’s also water-resistant so it doesn’t mind the odd downpour at all (take the cushions inside, though). It’s robust and sturdy and can face up to the wind but lightweight enough to make it easy to move.
  5. ‘Garden’ furniture will work hard for you if your home is a bit pushed for space. One set of furniture can go in and out of the conservatory, depending on the weather and the season. You don’t have to try to find space to store it over the winter (and you might not have that space anyway).

    Ascot rattan garden sofa set. garden cube. all year round. Decking. Luxury. Your home.

    The Ascot rattan garden sofa set

  6. Synthetic rattan is a great and robust choice for conservatories that get scorching hot. It won’t dry out like leather furniture and its joints won’t fall apart like wooden furniture. It won’t fade like upholstered furniture because it’s UV-resistant.
  7. It’s comfortable, of course, and stylish.
  8. It’s also very easy to clean. Maintain it with a quick wipe over with a damp cloth and clean it more thoroughly every few months.

Worth thinking about?

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Cambridge 6 chairs and rectangular table. synthetic rattan. Your home

Cambridge 6 chairs and rectangular table in synthetic rattan