Our homes are our stylish castles. The interior and exterior spaces are created by users to offer the comfort that we want them to.

No matter what your pad is – a bachelor or bachelorette apartment or a super-busy family home – there are trends and styles that you will love.

At Rattan Direct, we wanted to know about the decision we make, and which design styles will be coming our way during the year.

Where, who, what, which

And so, we give the results in this infographic of;

  • WHERE we buy our furniture – and we think you’ll be interested in the results because the age split of who buys furniture online made for a surprising statistic.
  • WHO makes the buying decisions when it comes to furniture and other household goods.
  • WHAT five key areas in the home do we tend to look at first when it comes to renovating a home.
  • WHICH interior design styles are on-trend and in keeping with the kind of home we live in.

And so, from the simple rustic to minimalist, this infographic has everything about how to work with the latest 2018 trends and designs but, more importantly, how to make these work in your home.

Why buy quality?

All of these ideas add up to one thing. When you do make the purchasing decision, no matter who makes it or where you buy from, quality is key to getting the polished, stylish look that we all hanker after.

Whether that is a garden patio set or an interior sofa and armchairs, choosing quality, form and style over the cheaper price tag wins, every time.

So, who makes the furniture purchasing decisions in your house? Where do you buy your furniture from? What areas are you planning on renovating and which interior design style will you choose?



Purchasing and Home Decor Trends