With autumn here, we may not use our conservatories in quite the same way as we did over the summer months, but that doesn’t mean to say they have to become redundant now.

If anything, a conservatory can be enjoyed even more in the autumn as we tend not to have the same problems that heat and glare can sometimes cause in summer.  Often, the space can feel pleasantly warm in September and October, without the need for extra heating, thanks to the mellow autumn sunshine.  And even as we move further towards winter and Christmas, if your conservatory has a radiator or underfloor heating, it can still be extremely usable and indeed a lovely space to decorate and enjoy a family Christmas dinner in.

So why not make full use of your sun room in the coming weeks, either as an extra living area for relaxing, reading and listening to music in, or as a dining space, a playroom, office or even gym.  After all, it can be the best place from which to view your garden and enjoy any nice views or observe the local wildlife.  But if you require a little extra privacy to encourage you to use the space more, you can purchase inexpensive roller blinds, or think of alternatives such as decorative screens or even architectural plants.

House plants have become a very big trend over recent months, so why not take the opportunity to create a beautiful garden room?  Fronded, potted palms, like Yucca plants, look fantastic alongside rattan furniture and there’s lots of seating and table design options to choose from to suit your needs.  For a living area, how about a lovely corner sofa - with additional soft furnishings to give a cosy feel, like textured throws and cushions.  A soft, warm rug underfoot is a nice addition, too, for autumn.

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If yours is more of a dining space, rattan tables and chairs always look stylish and you can enhance the room further with decorative touches such as candleholders and other home accessories.

Lighting is important, so think about where you need a reading lamp or some adjustable lighting.  Perhaps you could install a dimmer switch to enable you to create a different atmosphere depending on what you are doing, e.g. dining versus office paperwork?  Think about how you can get maximum, multiple usage out of the room; your dining table could be the ideal place to craft and make things during the day, as the light in a sun room is usually excellent.  And storage ottomans can be a great way to stow away your craft materials when you’re not using them.

If you are wondering about how to style and decorate around your rattan pieces, luckily they it’s a very versatile style of furniture that suits a number of different looks.  Why not introduce a relaxed, bohemian vibe with Navajo style blankets, Aztec-print cushions, plants and textured, woven rugs.

Or you could bring in a smart New England feel by choosing classic creams, dove greys and duck egg blues, perhaps the occasional coastal motif, and some ‘Ticking’ fabric, all of which will capture the look perfectly.

Spend a little time planning and updating your conservatory and you will really want to use it all year round.

by Antonia from tidyawaytoday.co.uk