Making Money from Your Garden (Infographic)

By | March 6, 2017

Your garden, no matter how big or small it is, has the potential to make you money.

Fresh, local produce – edible flowers, herbs and vegetables – a term used in countless advertising campaigns of restaurants and cafes across every city, town and village in the UK.

It is what the consumer wants – they want to know they are supporting local businesses and producers, whilst enjoying delicious food that has not travelled from the other side of the world.

And your garden could be part of the local produce food revolution that is gripping the nation, and put some well-earned coppers back into the piggy bank.

Who are Your Customers?

As well as selling direct to neighbours and friends, local cafes, restaurants and hotels will often buy quantities of vegetables, herbs and fruits. Better still, you don’t have to grow things in bulk. A good handful of locally-grown herbs, served with locally caught fish is the perfect meal on any menu.

Herbal medicine companies are also interested in home grown produce, although they have strict standards on chemicals that can and cannot be used.

Getting Started

The chances are that you will already have a glut of vegetables which you may prepare and freeze, or give away or trade with neighbours and friends. Why not see if a local café or restaurant is interested in buying them?

All you need to get started is this infographic, a trowel and seeds. Water and nurture your plants – and enjoy some extra cash in no time!

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How to make money from your garden infographic