halloween treats

Children will love these Wagon Wheel witches’ hats halloween treats. Dipped in dark chocolate, covered in candy, and stuffed with sweets, You can eat the brim too! These are a real show stopper at any Halloween party and are both simple and cost effective to make. Magic these up with a mere wave of your wand, or use pastry brush if you don’t have one. Serves six hungry skeletons.


400g of dark chocolate

Six Wagon Wheel chocolate biscuits

Six waffle ice-cream cones

One packet of Smarties

One packet of giant chocolate buttons

One packet of strawberry bootlaces

Assorted sweets to fill the hat - we used jelly beans, chocolate buttons and Maltesers. But these could be anything the kids love: Milky Stars, Skittles or even popping candy.

Method: Cover a baking tray or chopping board in grease proof paper and place your Wagon Wheels on top. Break the dark chocolate into chunks and pop it in to a large glass bowl over a simmering pan of hot water, keep stirring until all of it is melted. Let the chocolate melt slowly and make sure it doesn’t get wet.

Dip one side of the Wagon Wheel in the chocolate and leave that side facing up. Next cover your waffle ice-cream cones using a pastry brush, making sure it is evenly and thickly coated. Fill your cones with a good mixture of sweeties.

Hold the cone upright from the tip and gently press the chocolatey side of the Wagon Wheel onto the opening, then place back on the baking tray and quickly brush over them both with the melted chocolate so that they fix together. There will be a pyramid shape hole where the cone meets the wheel which you can cover up with a giant chocolate button.

Once coated and filled, decorate the hats with smarties, strawberry bootlaces and Halloween hundred and thousands (these are orange, brown and black), just dip the sweet in a bit of chocolate to get it stuck on! Pop in the fridge to set.