How long does rattan furniture last?

By | October 13, 2016

We outline how to look after natural rattan furniture and its Big Outdoor Cousin, synthetic rattan garden furniture. With just a little care and attention, your rattan furniture could be going strong for years.

Natural rattan for indoor use in the conservatory, orangery and elsewhere

Wonderful natural rattan is strong and durable and very good for conservatory furniture. It’s also good for other useful things and decoration.

Natural rattan is made from different species of climbing palm which grow rapidly in the jungles of South East Asia. Raw rattan provides:

  • thin weaving material from the outer skin – including for kubu
  • wood for furniture from the core
  • material for wickerwork from the inner core.

Maintenance of natural rattan furniture

Rattan furniture is very easy to clean. Wipe it gently with a soft cloth and very diluted washing-up liquid. Use a small brush or toothbrush to get dirt out of the weave.

Wipe off stains immediately!

With a little care and attention, your rattan furniture could be going strong in 20 years.

Rattan chair. Natural rattan furniture

Rattan chair

Natural rattan in the Big Outdoors?

No, I don’t think so. Natural rattan isn’t very fond of being outside, nor of sunlight, rain and frost. Too much sunlight can make it brittle. Too much rain and it may rot. Frost may make it split.

For the Big Outdoors you need furniture made from natural rattan’s Big Outdoor Cousin … synthetic rattan.

Rattan furniture in the Big Outdoors

High quality synthetic rattan is far and away the best choice for rattan garden furniture.

It doesn’t object at all and takes most weather in its stride.

High quality synthetic rattan is:

  • very flexible and easily woven into elegant furniture
  • even lighter and stronger than natural rattan
  • not going to swell, rot or get mouldy
  • not going to get damaged by salt
  • the rattan furniture also won’t fade in the sun
  • not going to rot if it gets left out in the rain

Make sure the furniture has a powder-coated aluminium frame: strong, durable and will not rust or fade in the sun.

We provide a 5 year structural warranty but with some care and attention, your rattan garden furniture could be going strong in 20 years.

Rattan Direct's outdoor sofa set in Portishead. Rattan furniture

Rattan Direct’s outdoor sofa set in Portishead
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Rattan garden furniture requires minimal maintenance

Minimal maintenance? That’s got to be good.

A quick spray with a garden hose will do the job. If something has been squished into the weave, vacuum it out or use a small brush or toothbrush, and then use the hose. If necessary, wipe with a soft cloth and very diluted washing-up liquid and then rinse.


If you’re going to be leaving your rattan furniture outside, then we recommend using covers to protect your garden furniture especially if it’s not going to be used for a long period, and during the winter. We include free outdoor covers with all our garden furniture to make it easy.

It’s very straightforward

Looking after natural rattan furniture and rattan garden furniture is really very straightforward. For another take on the subject, just click here.