lemon sorbet sundae

Perfect for Easter and beyond, this lemony pudding is quick and simple to make. Super lemony, the addition of tart, frosty lemon sorbet brings a refreshing element to a dessert that could otherwise be too creamy.

The recipe makes 2 generous portions.

Recipe for lemon sorbet sundae

100gg cream cheese

100g double cream

1 tbsp. caster sugar

2 lemons, zest and juice

1 tbsp. lemon curd

Sherbet lemon sweets

1 meringue nest

2 scoops lemon sorbet

  1. Mix the cream cheese with the juice and zest of 1 lemon, and the cream.
  2. Mix the lemon curd with the juice of half a lemon, to make it a little runnier.
  3. Crush the meringue roughly and divide half between sundae glasses or bowls.
  4. Pile in the creamy filling, sorbet and lemon curd.
  5. Finish with crushed sweets and meringue.