How long does rattan furniture last?

How long your rattan furniture will last is dependent on where you keep it in the summer and winter months, and how well you look after it.

The beauty of rattan furniture is that it doesn't require too much looking after, so with minimal effort, you could be enjoying your furniture for twenty-plus years.

If you want your rattan furniture to last longer, there are some things you can do that will help you keep it in good condition year after year.

Keep it covered when it’s not in use

One of the most important ways to keep your rattan furniture looking fabulous for longer, and to extend its lifespan significantly, is to make sure that it is covered when it’s not in use.

This primarily goes for the colder months, when you will most likely be keeping your rattan furniture in storage. Even though it is not being used during this time, uncovered rattan outdoor furniture will accumulate a large amount of dust.

It would be impossible to stop any dust from getting on your rattan chairs, but having a cover on them will decrease the amount significantly, making it a much less daunting task to clean when they are ready to be used again in the spring.

Good news! All of our rattan furniture comes with free covers, to keep it protected when it’s not in use.

Clean all stains off ASAP

If you notice a spillage or stain on your rattan furniture, don’t panic. Most stains can be removed with relative ease, if you act quickly.

Removing stains when you first notice them is essential for if you want your rattan furniture to last a long time, failing to do so could result in the stain being impossible to get rid of later on.

TOP TIP: to remove a stain from your rattan furniture, mix some mild detergent with some water and gently scrub out the stain.

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