Bees are a common sight but how much do you know really about them?

If you come across as an irate bee, how many times could you be stung? And how likely are you to be stung by a bee during the hours of darkness?

The honey bee plays a vital role in the balance of our planet. From pollinating crops to making sweet tasting honey that boasts incredible medicinal properties too, encouraging the bee to visit the garden with sweet-scented flowers is vital to their continued success.

The Bee Under Threat

In the 20th century, two species of bee have become extinct. The last recorded sighting of Cullem’s bumble bee was in 1941. In 1988, the short-haired bumblebee is thought to have become extinct.

And other bee species are under threat. There are many reasons why;

  • Changes to the countryside and a growing lack of wild flowers has placed the ‘Great Pollinator’ under pressure
  • The increasing use of insecticides and other chemicals has led to fewer flowers for the bee to pollinate and caused their decline in numbers too
  • Flower-rich grasslands have disappeared in favour of growing crops

Flower-Lovin’ Bees!

Welcome bees to the garden with apple blossom and snapdragons and plant sweet smelling Buddleia and enjoy the nodding heads of the fox glove. Attract them with the sunshine yellow of the sunflower and daisy-like bloom of the Hellenium too.

There are hundreds of plants that the bee enjoys but it is a species that has been struggling in recent years. Why not try our Rattan Plant Pots to encourage more bees to visit your garden?

You can make a difference in your garden but first, take our quiz and test your bee knowledge!

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